All Italians for an evening!

All Italians for an evening!

Whether they are part of the United Kingdom or not, England’s neighbors will have plenty to hope for a win for Italy in this Sunday’s Euro 2020 final, between historical rivalries and purely football motivations.

“Support the British? I can’t. I really can’t.” Journalist Sion Morgan doesn’t hide it: it’s impossible for him to wish Gareth Southgate’s men a victory against Italy in the Euro 2020 final this Sunday, 11 July. “If they win, we will be forced to organize street parties all over the country”. There is bound to be a commemorative coin. And then a ticket, we always make a ticket for this kind of event, He chuckles. No doubt we will also paint a big red cross, the insignia of England, on the Rocks of Dover. Sion Morgan is Welsh. And that’s already enough. “I am a supporter of Wales”handjob He makes decisions on the information portal WellsOnline. England is a different country to which I have no emotional attachment.”

The atmosphere within the noble British family. “It’s logic”handjob Assurance Scotsman. In football, each nation in the United Kingdom has its own team. During this Euro 2020, the Welsh lost in the round of 16, Scotland were eliminated in the group stage, while the Northern Irish failed to qualify for the tournament. So, fifty-five years after the victory of the legendary Bobby Charlton and his family at the 1966 World Cup, the English remain determined to win a second international title.

the essence of football

“The fact that these nations are part of a single whole and share a common history is an invitation to a rivalry. ? This is what Freud called ‘the narrowness of small differences'”, Edinburgh analyzes daily. Nothing to do with politics nor, in the case of Scotland, with the desire expressed by a part of the population for independence, take an oath Scotsman. “The fundamental appeal of this sublime and terrifying sport lies in its uninhibited tribalism. To love football is to choose your side.” In a word, “There is nothing wrong in wishing for the defeat of the British”, launches the newspaper for its readers. “Especially when by some miracle the Scots reach the final of the tournament, will the British be asked to remain loyal to their northern neighbours? ?”

On the other hand, for Sion Morgan, “History matters”. How not to be impressed by the Welsh’s final revolt against the English hold at the beginning of the year? XVI century? Or the submergence of the village of Capel Selin in 1965, to allow the construction of a water reservoir supplying the city of Liverpool on the other side of the border? “These chapters help build a national identity and pit English villains against Welsh heroes.”

On the neighboring island, the past also certainly influenced the choice of the Irish. A century after independence from the British Crown, relations remain sour. Especially on the green rectangle. Rugby or football. online media It even directly surveyed its readers about it. The result is final. As of Sunday evening, more than 76 percent of some 7,200 respondents would overtake Italy.

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