Belgium also issued a partial travel ban for Great Britain

Belgium also issued a partial travel ban for Great Britain

After the Netherlands, Belgium has also issued travel restrictions to Great Britain. There is a ban on entry for air travelers and train drivers in the country.

I amIn London and throughout southeast England, the lockout with curfew came into force at midnight.

The reason for this is the rapid spread of a new version of Coronavirus. More than 16 million people are affected by the pangs. It is about one third of the UK population.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently rejected calls for strict measures by the opposition and many experts.

On Saturday, Johnson announced a U-turn: “If science changes, we have to change our answer. If the virus changes its way of attack, we have to change our method of defense and, as your Prime Minister, I sincerely believe that my There is no substitute for that. “

Johnson warned that the new version of Coronavirus is spreading rapidly. People in London and the South-East are not allowed to receive members of other homes on Christmas. Shops that do not offer everyday items have to be closed. The highest alert level four applies.

“I can’t go shopping now”

Passenger Chiara Morelle said in the bustle of one of London’s shopping streets: “Now I can’t go shopping. You can definitely call level four. But realistically speaking, it’s impossible to keep people from visiting families.”

Marcel Hedula from London was more positive: “This is the right remedy at the right time. The new virus version is in the area and is a major problem. The NHS Health Service should not be overloaded.”

“I’m really sorry”

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that the highest level four would be imposed from 26 December. Northern Ireland wants to declare a lockdown after Christmas.

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Sturgeon justified the move in front of the press on Saturday: “To reduce the risk of this strain of the virus being introduced in Scotland, we intend to maintain a strict travel ban between Scotland and the rest of the UK. Unfortunately – and I am really sorry – This restriction will apply. Stay the holidays. “

In response to the discovery of new coronaviruses in England, the Dutch government banned entry on air travelers from all over Britain. Passenger flights to and from Great Britain will initially be suspended until 1 January.

Berlin is also reconsidering

Belgium followed suit on Sunday afternoon, which extended the ban to include rail passengers. The German government is also currently investigating flight restrictions for travelers to Great Britain. The move, which is also being considered for South Africa, is currently being “seriously investigated”. Dpa learned this from the circles of the Ministry of Health.


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