Blizzard achieved last season’s fourth-best scorer

Blizzard achieved last season's fourth-best scorer

blizzard attacker found Truro. The Bearcats InsteadFronts Nicholas Brennan (Blizzard 9th round pick in the 2020 MHL Draft), Courtyard Shortall (Blizzard 7th round pick in the 2021 MHL Draft) As well as Third and eighth round options during repsThe hatching of the LHM in 2022.

Whose player is Therian? 5’8″ and 150 lbs from Prevost, Quebec. He 20. will be of year next month. He had 16 goals and 27 assists for 43 points in 32 met Last season with Truro. he scored two goals winner and score Five times on power play. He scored at least one point in 26 out of 32 Bearcats parts.

“NSHeard good things about Blizzard ItdallieOrganization. COne of the best teams in the league every year and they The Best partisans JayJunior A Maritime and in Canada. blizzard is aiming cup and cis it there is veryis interesting », explained Tristan Therian.

Tookis aggressive dFirst of all all his mbusiness arch, as heraised and eInterview. “this is describe me as a febricanplay hard, with Good LifeThis and good vision “, aTeaNS Signal.

in 20192020, he won the Panthers of St. wearing the colors ofJerome, League of Se
Quebec Junior AAA Hockey, 7 goals and 41. 20 assists for 27 marks in parts. In the last two seasons, he played for the U16 and U18 teams. From Newbridge Academy in Dartmouth, NovaScotland.

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With his impressive stats from last year, he is expected to join New to the league’s top scorer this season. another good shot from Blizzard general manager Steve McPherson on the eve of the team’s 5th season. Players will report to coach Emery Olhausen on WednesdayIs September PAfter this the training camp was inaugurated.


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