British Open Golf: Dull to Daytree

British Open de Golf: coup de mou pour Detry

Thomas Detree did not pass the cut at the British Open, his fourth Major of the year, five days after approaching the feat at the Scottish Open.

LeeThe influx left last weekend at the Scottish Open will undoubtedly be too much to recover from. Five days after the feat came to a close on this round of the European Tour, where the Brussels resident dominated the debate for almost 3 days before winning the first round of the playoffs, Thomas Detry did not cross the cut at the British Open. This year, the fourth and final round of the Grand Slam.

Already delayed on Thursday, at the end of the first round (+2), Daytry negotiated the first nine holes of the Royal St George’s course on Friday, as he came out with a birdie, and therefore a Jerk down par at this point in the day. Alas, the “past nine” was less favorable for him, as he accepted successively one bogey, one double and two double bogeys to complete this second day on a card of 74 (for a par 70) and hence his Course completed. +6.

Now it’s time to rest a bit, then to prepare for the Olympic tournament where Thomas Detri will defend the Belgian colors in the company of Thomas Peters in Rio 5 years ago.

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