Bundesliga: Hoffenheim’s newcomer in debut under Breitenreiter

Bundesliga: Hoffenheim's newcomer in debut under Breitenreiter

Thus: 06/26/2022 5:17 PM

With two newcomers Grisha Promel and Finn Ole Becker, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim have started preparations for the new Bundesliga season.

National players around David Raum, on the other hand, were absent from the first official unit under AndrĂ© Breitenreiter. The Kraichgau team presented itself at the training ground in time to 400 admiring fans and led by the new coach, who was in a good mood. After some practice without the ball, Breitenreiter picked up the pace. “It was a beautiful day,” he said. “The boys behaved in an exemplary way. They had fun and enjoyed themselves and everyone in the audience was happy, even though we haven’t played a game yet.”

The 48-year-old was supported by a new assistant during the one-hour session. Frank Froehling on his way back from Paderborn to Hoffenheim. He inherited Mathias Kaltenbach, who moved to Ajax Amsterdam.

Mijat Gasinovic and Konstantino Stafilidis are also expected to leave the club. While Gesinovic was not there initially and is free to negotiate, the Greek left-back trained with him.

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