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 by Red Dragons |

The race for Qatar has already started eight months before the start of the pre-Christmas World Cup in Oriente. The heads of government and ministers meet in the palaces.

More recently, Karl Nehmer and Robert Hebeck taunted the sheikhs’ progress recently – and the green German foreign minister also wore a black tie. What sacrifices aren’t made to make oil puddle and gas flow? Salaam Valaikum!

In the autumn, short-lived Secretary of State Michael Linhart – nicknamed the “Captain” – made a pilgrimage to the stadium in Doha for an on-site inspection to test the suitability of the pitch and air conditioning. Should this have been a good omen for the red-and-white-red team around David Alaba and Marko Arnautovic? Domestic football leaders don’t have World Cup participation in the business card. But the road to Qatar runs through Wales on Thursday and Scotland or Ukraine in June – which is likely to be an extremely difficult obstacle outside the sport.

First in Cardiff are the Red Dragons, who are notorious for their rugby prowess. The most infamous dragon is Albas’ teammate Gareth Bale as a right winger at Real Madrid. Meanwhile, Bale indulges in golf and a small ball but alas, he catches fire and ignites the flames. Alaba should bring a fire extinguisher. (Four)

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(“Die Presse”, print edition, March 24, 2022)

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