Canada 11, South Korea 0

2021  n p t vs  korea game1

Bridges, Dunn hit hat-tricks to give Canada fourth straight win over South Korea

match statistics

Bridgewater, N.-É. , Canada national para hockey team They ended their streak with a fourth straight win against South Korea after beating their opponents 11-0 at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Center on Friday night.

  • Billy Bridge (Summerside, .-P.-É.) led the offense with three goals and one assist, while James Dunn (Walestown, Ont.) Hat-trick.
  • Greg Westlake (Oakville, Ont.) Contributed to the victory by adding two goals and one assist.
  • Liam Hickey (St. John’s, T.-N.-L.) Team Canada in uniform had one goal and two assists to reach the 100-point mark.
  • Zach Lavin (Essex, Ontario.) And Adam Dixon (Midland, Ont.) There were other scorers for Canada.
  • Anton Jacobs-Webb (Gatineau, QC) assisted four while Cody Dolan (Calgary, Alb.) Collected three.
  • goalkeeper Adam Kingsmill (Smithers, C.-B.) Made four saves to sign the shutout.
  • Canada led South Korea 40-4 in a shot on goal.

Based on a four-match series in Bridgewater, the Canada national para hockey team will continue preparations for the 2022 Paralympic Games, along with the International Para Hockey Cup, which will take place from here. December 12 to 19 In Ostrava, Czech Republic.


“I think we have achieved our goals for the week. We wanted to come to Bridgewater and try new combinations, put some players in different positions and work on new systems. Overall I think it worked out well. We managed to score a lot of goals, and we dropped a few. The aggressive production was well distributed among the players, and that’s exactly what we wanted to see in our squad Our progress is promising for the future, and we have prepared the field well for the International Para Hockey Cup. We know the competition will be tough there, but we are leaving Nova Scotia with great confidence in our means. “

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– Head coach Ken Bebe (Calgary, Alta.) on his team’s success against South Korea

“Tonight the whole team played well. We operated the puck, and our play system worked well. It was a great game overall and a great way to end the week. I think we’ve come a long way as a team, have had the opportunity to work on our system, and we’ve fixed some key aspects of our game. Our eyes are now on the next games, in a few weeks. ,

– Dunn about tonight’s win and the improvements made during the week

“It’s a defining moment, but I had no idea the 100 point plateau was approaching so quickly. It’s great to work for such an amazing team, and none of these points would have been possible without my teammates. A very special moment for us and for the entire team. At the end of the day, we were happy to end our streak by playing some solid games, and we will build on those successes for our next competition.”

– Hickey upon reaching the 100 point milestone

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