Cardinals star CB Patrick Peterson is ready to play the contract

Cardinals star CB Patrick Peterson is ready to play the contract

Over the past few weeks the Arizona Cardinals have reached into their collective wallets, including big-money contract extensions for Stars Buda Baker and Dandre Hopkins. Both players are now under contract by 2024.

Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson, meanwhile, has just ડો 12.5 million a year left on his contract. After that, it can be interesting.

As the cornbuck market continues to grow, sources say there have been no recent talks with Peterson in Arizona about his deal and none of that has been confirmed. Today with Week 1 – the Cardinals start at 4:25 a.m. against the San Francisco 49ers and – Peterson gets his second low season under the belt. Assuming contract negotiations remain where they are, Peterson could be in the direction of becoming an uncontrolled free agent.

Peterson, who is at the end of a five-year 70.05 million contract, recently told reporters he is “quietly” where he is in contract status.

“There’s nothing I can do about it,” Peterson said. “I’m under contract until the end of the season. All I can do right now is play the ball.”

Petersen ended a strong season by calling last year’s rough start a “boo-boo” and hopes to move on to stellar 2020.

“All I can do is worry about me,” Petersen said. “And when the time is perfect, we can sit down and talk about some things.”

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