Cristiano Ronaldo Ronald Komen’s passion with Juventus bench compared to Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo Ronald Komen's passion with Juventus bench compared to Lionel Messi

Ronald Koeman had a scuffle with the Juventus bench, beating Barcelona 3-0 at the onal camp.

Los Cullus was already in the second round, but putting pressure on the Dutch manager is another result.

Despite the arrival of the summer, the discomfort of life as the Barcelona coach of the former Netherlands boss has begun.

They were relegated to ninth place in La Liga over the weekend by the newly-promoted promoters.

By Tuesday night his salvation was light with five of five wins in Barca’s European form.

Cristiano Ronaldo was making his first appearance at the Nou Camp since moving to Juventus in 2018.

Ronald Kamen had a scuffle with the Juventus bench

And he ended up being the main man, beating out Lionel Messi, who remained largely anonymous compared to his old rival.

The Portugal international scored twice with Weston McKinney.

When there were fireworks on the pitch, there were also a few flares.

Barca’s boss was annoyed by the Commonwealth bench, which was seeking the adjournment of Clement Langlett.

According to Football Football Italia, the former Everton manager was furious at the Juventus players – telling them to “shut up”.

The incident happened after the Frenchman was found guilty by the VAR of putting a handball ball in the box.

Cristiano Ronaldo netted twice from the penalty spot

This cleared Ronaldo for his second spot-kick but it was not enough for some members of Juve’s players.

Langlet was already on the booking and there were question marks over whether another yellow was coming.

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Juve’s players on the bench demanded that he be sent, which offended Common.

As he smoked, Football Football Italy There are further reports that Serie A club subs were laughing at the Barcelona manager.

Significantly, Ronaldo’s bracket led him to 14 goals at the Nou Camp – more than any other ground.

It also took him to an astonishing 650 club goal in his career.

In addition, the former Real Madrid star became the first player in the history of the Champions League to convert twice from the spot at the Barcelona stadium.


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