Croatia beat Scotland to finish second

Croatia beat Scotland to finish second
What a goal – Luka Modric (front) hits a brilliant shot from outside the foot against Scotland.

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Vice-world champions Croatia rehabilitated in the last group game against Scotland and thanks to a 3–1 win in Glasgow, they are still second in Group D. Scotland has been wiped out.

Thanks Luka Modric, 2018 World Cup runner-up is alive. Croatia held their last group game in Group D against Scotland in the tournament with a 3–1 draw and thus had a lot of trouble at home.

After an hour of hard work, Croatia drew its joker. Matteo Kovacic put the ball back on the edge of the penalty area on Luka Modric, his former teammate at Real Madrid and captain of the national team, needed nothing more. The 35-year-old veteran has proved himself and the people of his country, who recently did not shy away from criticism, how much the Croatian team still relies on him. From 16 metres, Modric swung the ball into the crossbar with his outside step. It was a worthy punchline for a game that had hardly followed any rules before.

The goal in the first half lacked the real logic of the game. The Croatians appeared very often in the first quarter of an hour, as they had already done in this European Championship against England and the Czech Republic. It seemed that Dalík had let eleven technical and sometimes overly talented lone fighters on the field without telling them who was playing by his side. So “Checkard” by Nikola Vlasic needed 1-0 to finally bring a pattern onto the lawn.

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Scotland has been wiped out

With the lead in the back, the favorite became more closed, played more vertically and the pass suddenly found buyers. Scotland, on the other hand, went back and forth, as if at Hampden Park the guest was winning a little more class with every minute. Four minutes before the break, the Bravehearts came out again when, as they all fought in their respective half, Vida did not clear a cross high enough, straight into the legs of Callum McGregor, who took 1–1 from 17 meters. scored.

It was Modric’s art shot that brought the conditions on the pitch in line with the result. And because Ivan Perisic scored 3–1 ten minutes before the end – after a corner from Modric – the group stage ended in Group D, as many had expected before the European Championship: England in the first two places. And with Croatia.


Croatia – Scotland 3:1 (1:1)

12,000 spectators. – Glasgow. – SR Rapalini (ARG). – tore off: 17. Vlasik (Parisik) 1:0. 42. McGregor 1:1. 62. Modric (Kovacic) 2:1. 77. Perisic (Modric) 3:1.

Croatia: Livakovic; Juranovic, Lavren, Vida, Guardiol (71. Barisic); Kovacic, Brozovic; Perisic (81. Rebik), Modric, Vlasik (76. Ivanushek); Petkovic (70. Kramrik).

Scotland: marshal; McTominay, Hanley (33. McKenna), Tierney; O’Donnell (84. Patterson), McGinn, Robertson; Armstrong (70. Fraser), McGregor; Dykes, Adams (84. Nisbet).

Comments: Scotland Without Gilmour (Coronavirus). 33. Hanley injured, eliminated. Warning: 26. Lovren (foul/suspended for round 16). 34. McKenna (foul).

Czech Republic – England 0-1

Croatia – Scotland: live ticker to read


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