Denmark qualify for the World Cup, Poland and Scotland ensured / 2022 World Cup / Qualifiers /

Denmark qualify for the World Cup, Poland and Scotland ensured / 2022 World Cup / Qualifiers /

Victorious over Austria, Denmark is the second European nation to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. Switzerland still dreams of turning their noses up at Italy, with Scotland only three points away from the dams and Serbia hoping to top Portugal. Even further east, Ukraine registers another foul against Bosnia, while Poland cooks Albania.

Denmark 1-0 Austria

But: Muhle (53.)I) for Danish Dynamite

Twenty-four hours after Germany, Denmark has also drawn its ticket to Doha at the end of its eighth. clean sheet As in meetings. Delaney’s caviar for scoring side Möhle, a future former OM player, also ended Austria’s final qualifying hopes.

Serbia 3-1 Azerbaijan

Shoes: Vlahovic (31 .)I sp and 53I) and Tadik (83.)I sp) to Orlovy // Makhmudov (45 .)I+2) Millie Komanda. For

While Portugal took on Luxembourg, Serbia held on to first place in Pool A. Vlahovi and Tadi were both out on their penalties, despite Rajkovic’s attempts to keep Azerbaijan through an artful ball in the half-time match, the first name also being offered a double. band margin angel Stojkovic however is short as it would be necessary – except by huge surprise – to win in Lisbon to avoid the dams.

Sweden 2-0 Greece

Butts: Forsberg (58.)I sp) and Isaac (69.)I) for Blaglt
Expulsion: Chatzidiakos (88.)I) for ethnic

Greece had to win to keep their eye on Group B, which is synonymous with the play-offs. Unfortunately for the pirate ship’s successors, must win Despite the sums received by Masorus and Pavlidis in the first half, an Aeschylus turned into tragedy. A poorly controlled tackle from Mavropanos on Isaac, a perfect counter-foot from Forsberg and a later remotely controlled release from Olsson for Isaac, and this is the second consecutive World Cup flight to the Helens. Sweden are two points ahead of Spain, which they will face in November.

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Ukraine 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina

But : Yermolenko (15.)I) to the archive // ​​Ahmadodzik (77 .)I) for Zamajevic

Behind France, there is a rush: in Pool D where a draw seems the norm, Ukrainians and Bosnians have not deviated from the rule, as in Lviv. A cheerful game, with two dangerous teams on the counter who surrendered to the blow: at close range goal from Yermolenko on the cross by Tsygankov’s line, the visitors responded with a brilliant strike from Malmö’s iconic central defender Ahmedhodi. Nothing is fixed for the dams, Finland is also in ambush.

Lithuania 0-4 Switzerland

Butts: Embolus (31.)I and 45I), Stephen (42.)I) and Gavranovic (90 .)I+4) for the naughty

On Vilnius’ dubious synthetic, Switzerland did not move around the bush equal to Italy at the top of Group C, and certainly eliminated all other selections: an embolo launched from Shaqiri and fully fluffed (of Northern Ireland). Against double smugglers) ) Up to half an hour, basic, simple. Alassane Playa’s teammate in Gladbach offered a double before the break, while Renato Steffen scored his first goal in the selection.

Albania 0-1 Poland

Boot: Widersky (77 .)I) Bialo-Czerwoni . For

Absent for 45 minutes, Paulo Sousa’s Poland ended their fate thanks to the very realistic widerski (fourth goal in these qualifiers). The caviar of the cliche suddenly burned the feathers of the Albanians, who were too timid (a shot at the target) to hope for a favorable outcome, after the double error of Hysaj. The White Eagles are in pole position for the play-offs, while England still do not qualify.

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Faroe Islands 0-1 Scotland

But : Dykes (86.)I) for the tartan army

after his victory in fake time Against Israel, Scotland has opened a royal path to the dams. The first part of the work in the Faroe Islands was carried out without much difficulty, thanks to former Australian football player Lyndon Dykes. Steve Clarke will be able to offer the giraffe to his goalkeeper, Craig Gordon, who gave the first period of high aerobatics.

Other results:

Kosovo 1-2 Georgia

Butts: Muriki (45.)I sp) insert dardanut // Okrishvili (11 .)I) et Davitashvili (83 .)I) for Javrosnebik

Bulgaria 2-1 Northern Ireland

Shoes: Nedelev (53 .)I and 63I) for Lvovette // Washington (35.)I) La Green and White Army pouring

Israel 2-1 Moldova

Butts: Jahvi (29.)I) and Dabur (49.)I) for the Niveret hatchet // Nicolescu (90 .)I+5) for selecionata
Expulsion: Rebusiuk (85 .)I) for selecionata

San Marino 0-3 Andorra

Target: Pujol (11.)I), Moreno (53.)I) and Betrieu (89.)I) for tricolor

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