Did you know Vader Bremen is now world champion again!

  Did you know  Vader Bremen is now world champion again!

Bremen – No makeshift podium that is pushed directly onto the lawn. Also no confetti rain shining through the pitch black night sky – in such cases “we are the champions” even the stadium speakers. If you don’t know better, you can make the assumption on Friday evening that Vader Bremen did not win just one title.

But this is exactly what coach Florian Kohfelt’s team did – very likely, however, there is no clue. After a 2–1 success at Eintracht Frankfurt, they can Vader Bremen Now for the third time in its history under the name of “Unofficial UFCC Club World Champion”, which should not be taken completely on one side, but on the other is an amazing statistical curiosity. Welcome to the world of number lovers and result nerds!

In order to define the historical outline of the subject directly, to look once again, which was once researched by the football magazine “11 Freeday”. The whole thing began on 15 April 1967, and to blame the Scots, who gave themselves a catchy nickname after their national team won over rival England. Because it was England’s first bankruptcy since the World Cup victory in 1966, the Scots now saw their selection as the new world champions – based on the game of boxing, where the title-holder would lose his position to a losing opponent as well. is. An idea that had no role in football until today and was not long continued – before it was found by many fans years later.

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Vader Bremen topped UFCC rankings by defeating Frankfurt

Since 2002 English journalist Paul Brown has been working with the unofficial world champion, the UFWC, the “Unofficial Football World Championship”, held – and even went back to the beginning when determining the title holder. Brown’s raking begins with the first international match in history, which was played in November 1872 between England and Scotland. Since then, the mode has always been the same: if you win, you win the unofficial world title, if you draw, the champion defends his position. Incidentally, the UFWC has been world champion Italy since September 2020 (thanks to a 2–0 win over Bosnia-Herzegovina), which brings us back to the here and now – and back slowly Vader Bremen And won the title on Friday evening.

As the UFWC enjoyed increasing popularity, this theory was at some point transferred to club teams in different versions. And the Bremen team now tops the rankings of the UFCC (“Unofficial Football Club Championship”). Frankfurt first won the title in mid-February. With a 2–0 win over FC Köln, then defended it against the reigning club world champion Bayern Munich (2–1), and eventually took it to Weserstadion.

Werder Bremen will have to defend the UFCC title against Jahen Regensburg

According to the UFCC, it was the 5,158th final since the opening game on Friday evening, when the first FA Cup game in which goals were scored: On November 11, 1871, Clam Rovers celebrated a 3–0 win. Round win over Upton Park. In the 150 years since then, countless titles have been received from all corners of the globe. Vader Bremen Already topped in March 1980 (after a 4–0 win over Eintracht Braunschweig) and in September 1997 (after 3–1 against Kaiserslautern).

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By the way, even then there should have been a provisional winner’s podium, confetti rain or “we are not champions”. Wouldn’t that be an approach for Tuesday evening, when Bremen would have to defend their UFCC title at the DFB Cup game at Second Division SSV Jehne Regensburg …


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