Directly ahead of Beijing Game | Sun

  Directly ahead of Beijing  Game |  Sun

“When you’ve worked four years to get a result and you don’t have that result, it’s certain that you will spend another four years with the engine in the carpet”, shows Palin in interviews this week SunTo talk about the desire to win that will drive him and his teammates during the next Olympics.

Marie-Philippe knows the Olympic dream well because he was quick to taste it and taste it again. In 2010, less than a year after making his debut with the Canadian team, the Beauceville native competed in his first games, which, moreover, were held in Canada. Perhaps the 19-year-old could not make her first impression in front of the then Vancouver crowd as she made the final for the United States team in the big league by scoring just two goals in Canada’s 2–0 win.

Two goals in the first period, the first with a receiving shot after a pass from Jennifer Botterill, the second after a loose puck after a few minutes, to defeat American goalie Jessie Vetter for the second time, of which Nemesis during Palin. Will become. Two Olympic cycles.

Epic victory

Four years later, in Sochi, Team Canada was undefeated in the last four Olympics, and Marie-Philippe Pullin once again played a key role in the Unifolite Squad’s epic victory.

With less than a minute to go to the finals where Canada were 2–1 behind and while the Canadian goalkeeper was called in favor of the sixth skater, Putin was ahead of the lone waiter, ahead of teammate Rebecca Johnson. Got a throw return and scored a goal.

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Marie-Philippe Paulin once again presented herself as a woman of great opportunities in overtime. Eight minutes into overtime, Laura Fortino understood the American defense long enough to pass the puck over Pullin, with a fake shot that would beat the waiter once again with a wrist shot.

Over the past few days, Marie-Philippe has been able to relive these Olympic moments, courtesy of Facebook, Instagram and other social networks that have made a habit of celebrating these birthdays. “Of course I thought about it! It has been seven years, 11 years, time flies by very fast! These are the most exciting times of my career. It is always exciting to be able to represent our country ”, she continues, who is still talking about her goals in the 2010 and 2014 finals.

“The goal I hear most often is from 2014. It was a story match indeed! It was so intense that it’s hard to explain how it went, ”Golin’s Pollin said as his teammates jumped high on Team Canada’s bench, as well as many fans who were watching on their TVs.

From rogue to elderly

“I got to go to the Olympics three times. It is certain that last time, it was well short, but each of the Olympic finals has its own short story, “Mary-Philip continues, who notes the passage of time by looking at younger players joining the Canadian team.” .

“In Vancouver, I was the youngest on the team and now I am one of the oldest. The thirties come in March, so it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun, “he continues, who still hopes to score several good years in hockey and other goals in his scores.

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“Team Canada still has a very good core, with the arrival of new players, young and so fast. It takes, it pushes us, veterans! The Olympics should be in good taste at the Women’s World Championships, which will conclude in Halifax and True, Nova Scotia from 7 to 17 April.


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