EM location Dublin staggers – Bilbao is out

EM location Dublin staggers - Bilbao is out

Munich is still shaking, Bilbao, on the other hand, is apparently out – and the organizers in Dublin are almost waving their hands: about the candidates for the European Football Championship (11 June to 11 July) faltering between venues The question was answered first on Wednesday. The Basque Regional Government announced the unwanted end of Bilbao.

The European Football Association (UEFA) took this decision “unilaterally” and against the will of the Spaniards. The subject of controversy is the extent to which the audience can participate in the games. The statement said, “Euro 2020 will not be played in Bilbao,” but we will not allow them to play games with Bilbao. We did not find a single reason for this in UEFA communications, either in sports or social or economic and certainly not in terms of measures to prevent coronavirus. “

The Organizing Committee in Bilbao wants to insist on payment of compensation in view of the alleged expenditure of 1.2 million euros so far. First, UEFA did not make an official statement. Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Association RFEF, recently brought Seville into the game as a possible replacement. Rubiales had also expressed a lack of understanding of the strict restrictions that the Basque government had placed in the event of an epidemic as a prerequisite for the European Championship Games in Bilbao.

Like Munich and Dublin, Bilbao was unable to guarantee UEFA President Alexander Seferin the European Championship matches in front of an audience. The Executive Committee surprisingly did not take any decision on the wavering candidates in its meeting last Monday and extended the deadline to Friday.

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Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in Ireland was highly skeptical on Wednesday. “We are very careful about it,” he told the Today FM radio station: “We think June is too early.” If UEFA insists on filling at least 25 percent of the stadium, “to be honest, it will be difficult to keep going,” Varadkar said.

These developments should be followed with great interest in Munich. The Bavarian state government and the city did not want to waive nor waive the necessary guarantees of the audience until the end. In the worst-case scenario envisaged for the negative development of the epidemic, they continue to maintain the possibility of a game of ghosts. According to SID information, there is no alternative plan with any other location within Germany.


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