ESPN: Sergio Reguillon for Tortenham transfer in “final stages”

ESPN: Sergio Reguillon for Tortenham transfer in

Could this day be more crazy? ESPN now states that “multiple sources” are in that state A deal between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur is in place that will move Sergio Reguilon to north London on the left., A few details left to solve.

The deal is for 30m and Regulon will sign a five-year contract. There is no information about Reguilon’s salary, but a quick Google suggest that he is currently at around 36k / week in Madrid. Spurs can certainly afford to give him a bump in salary and stay within their budget.

Reguilon was set to start from the left for Sevilla when taking a loan this season, and just a few weeks ago he won the Europa League with him.

There are other reports suggesting that Real Madrid insisted on a 35 35-40 million buy-back clause in the deal, something not usually big for Daniel Levy. However, buy-back clauses usually occur only if the player wants to return to the club. With Reguillon in mind, Zinedine Zidane was considered very deeply in the doghouse, so long as Zidane’s tenure in Madrid does not seem to be an issue.

The relocation moved very quickly, and it’s also very exciting because the left side has been a big concern for Spurs this season. Given the pace of this rumor, I wouldn’t be surprised to see how much fun we have from clubs on the East Coast of the USA.

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