Europa League – Club Brugge and Antwerp play first act of 16th round on Thursday

Europa League - Club Brugge and Antwerp play first act of 16th round on Thursday

(Belga) Club Bruges and Antwerp, two Belgian clubs still involved in the European scene, play their round of 16 first leg of the Europa League on Thursday. The Bruges resident, having moved into the Europa League after finishing third in their Champions League group, moved to Kiev where they would challenge Dynamo, the leader of the Ukrainian Championship. The Rangers in Antwerp Scotland will meet Steven Gerrard on his way to the Rangers.

In good shape with a relentless streak of ten straight wins between the Championship and the Belgium Cup, the club experienced several failures for this meeting. Sunday’s match in Charleroi has been postponed due to a frozen pitch. Then Coronavirus killed the people of Bruges. Stefano Denswill and Matej Mitrovic tested positive on Monday. On Tuesday, all technical staff, including Hans Weinken and trainer Philippe Clement, learned that they had contracted the Kovid-19. Therefore, Bruzio will be managed by the coach of Espoyers (Club NXT which plays in D1B), Rick Dee Mill and his assistant Tim Smolders. On Wednesday, Noa Lang, ailing, had to quit traveling to Ukraine in return. Brugge should expect difficult conditions in Ukraine, so much so that the game was brought forward to 4:00 pm in the Ukraine capital on Thursday evening with weather forecasts forecasting temperatures of -20 degrees. Dynamo, coached by veteran Mireci Loscu, leads his championship since 2016 by three points ahead of Shaktir and with the first title dream. Antwerp also has to deal with many absences. Spearhead Daimursey Mbokani and Faris Aaron are injured, as is Dylan Batubinassica, who is hit in the ankle, was unavailable on Wednesday’s list. Sander Cooperman, Alexis de Sart and goalkeeper Jean Butez are also on the floor, while fit man Didier Lamkel Z is still under suspension from last season. The Rangers at the Task Scottish Championship promise to be tough against unbeaten leaders (25 wins, 4 shares), 18 points ahead of Celtic and a record 69 goals for 8 goals. The Rangers are headed for the first title since 2011. The Rangers also experienced a tough approach to the meeting, with the club sanctioning five players who broke the rules on the coronovirus by attending a party on Saturday. (Belga)

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