FB: Foda hides team boss debate

FB: Foda hides team boss debate

The statements made after the defeats against Israel and Scotland in early September still resonate. Along with Gerhard Miletich, the designated OFB president also spoke. Foda was not impressed by the fact that he was already considering “options” on the coaching bench after a recent low blow in World Cup qualifying. Foda said he did not see the statements made on ORF live. “But if the results are not correct, it is discussed with the coach. You have to be able to deal with it.”

Following the October games, the group stage of World Cup qualification moves to the final in November with two home games against Israel (November 12, Klagenfurt) and Moldova (November 15, Klagenfurt). Miletich will be sitting in the stands as Leo Windner’s successor. Foda revealed that he had already had a telephone conversation with Burgenlander. Of course, the content remained private. The 55-year-old was asked how he deals with the fact that he was apparently counted on internally. “It’s not about me. It’s important to stop the downward spiral. We have to focus on the essentials, sporty ”, warned Foda.

Unfazed by the Foda debate

Franco Foda announced his squad for the World Cup qualifiers in the Faroe Islands and Denmark on Tuesday. Foda dismissed reports of bad mood within the team and internal criticism from players. The coach hides the arguments of the current team boss.

focus on penetration

There will be a team meeting on Monday and then on Thursday they will go to the Atlantic Islands. The game should almost be no issue with Prabal Dane in Copenhagen three days later. The duty has to be fulfilled in Torshavn someday, Foda said. “Denmark scored the winning goal there only in the 85th minute (at 1-0 in early September, note). We should not underestimate this team in any way.”

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Once again, Foda emphasized what he had already identified as the deciding factor for Scotland’s failure after the game: a lack of penetration into the attack. “If you look at the two matches (against Israel and Scotland), all the stats spoke for us. But the bottom line was that we lost both games. We have to act here. Especially in the last third, we don’t pass the pass enough, we make the wrong decision,” said Foda. The same focus will remain in the preparation as well. “We have to score goals.”

AP / Matthias Schrader

Creating and exploiting scoring opportunities tops the list when preparing for the Faroe Islands and Denmark

good atmosphere in the team

Foda was also contacted directly after the Scottish game over Marko Arnatovic’s statements. One was “lost”, the Bologna Legionnaire said of the lack of solution against the enemy’s thick defense. In the news magazine “Profile”, voices were then cited that the team’s players and coaches would not always agree on tactical direction. Foda has now made it clear that he has not reached the team. “We always exchange ideas.”

He also hears statements like those Arnautoviks in professional business every week after losing a game. “Ultimately, the players are the heroes who have to carry out what is discussed on the pitch. You have to be more determined,” Foda said. Players like David Alaba and Arnautovic have also confirmed that the atmosphere in the team is good.

Demir will probably keep playing “Joker”

Valentino Lazaro could become an important figure. It should provide maneuverability on the right side of the wing. In the best case scenario, Joseph Demir should remain in the role of “Joker”. Foda said: “He has now experienced the full spectrum of a professional footballer at the highest level. He has done well for a long time, but of course he still has room for improvement. Don’t forget that he is the best in the world.” One of the clubs has a very young player.”

Clearly, Salzburg midfielder Nicolas Seewald and Rapid attacker Marko Grul made a positive impact from the home Bundesliga. However, at present both are on the retrieval list. Well-known actors should do it justice, Foda said again: “Now at this stage it is important that we move forward together, prepare well and get better results.”


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