Football. Dumont, Ravelli, Jacobacchi…: Newcomers on the Ligue 2 bench – football

  Football.  Dumont, Ravelli, Jacobacchi...: Newcomers on the Ligue 2 bench - football

A breath of fresh air in League 2! On the sidelines, at least: at the start of the 2021-2022 season, nine of the 20 technicians serving in the French Second Division are under the age of 50. The average age of Ligue 2 coaches is no more than 48.5 years, which is significantly lower than in Ligue 1 (53.8 years).

This low average age is greatly contributed by Ann Avant Guingamp’s new coach, Stéphane Dumont: at 38 years old, he is the youngest of the L2 coaches, ahead of Bastias Mathieu Chabert. David Guion’s assistant at Reims for four seasons, Dumont will also experience his first position as head coach at Ctes-d’Armor.

An inexperience that did not pacify the leaders of the Guangampians when choosing a successor to Frédéric Bompard. “Quite quickly, I noticed that there was a convergence between us,” declared the president of En Avant, Fred Le Grand, at Dumont’s presentation. He has a way of envisioning a real project for Guingamp tomorrow, a vision of the pro team at this club, but more global, which we want to get off to a good start. It was important to find this man”.

Well-known Majors and Novices

Like Guangamp last season, USL Dunkirk did not hesitate to entrust its maintenance mission to a semi-novice at this stage: Romain Revelli, 43, former assistant to Christophe Gaultier at Saint-tienne (2011–2015), who only Experience in Ligue 2 for six months at Evian-Thonnon-Gaylard in 2016, concluded with a relegation.

Will he experience the same longevity as Omar Daff in Sochoux? At Sochaux since 2018, the former Stade Brestois side was also starting in the profession at the time of his appointment, just like David Linares at Dijon last November.

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These inexperienced coaches will face colleagues who are more experienced at this level, such as the well-known faces of French football such as Paul Le Guen (Le Havre), Jean-Marc Furlan (Ouxअजre), Olivier Pantaloni (Ajacio). ) or Philippe Montanier (Toulouse). They will also cross paths with two technicians whose CVs are already filled out but little known in France.

Jacobi and Stendhal Bates

In the off-season, Grenoble and Nancy opt to look abroad to replace Philippe Hinsberger and Jean-Louis García. The Isre club selected Italo-Swiss Maurizio Jacobi. The 58-year-old has spent most of his coaching career in Switzerland, where he has led FC Lugano to fourth place in the championship. Lorraine leaders have called on a German, Daniel Stendel, from the age of 47 with a very different background and while he has only been training since 2016, his fourth championship after Germany, ‘England and Scotland’, is already Will be

Which of these bets will pay off? Start of response from Saturday.

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