Football – Euro 2020 qualification: Serbia – our prediction for Scotland

Football - Qualifications Euro - notre pronostic pour Serbie - Écosse

Lunch 1 – Day 21 – In the top 5 of the French Championship, Rance and Lily faced each other at the end of the afternoon. The win was very important for both teams, because if Lily were to win to hang on PSG, three points allowed Renaise to land Marseille, their first explorer. After an interesting match in the game but in poor condition, LOSC will be the winner on the smallest margin. Final Score: 0-1.

While Breton could count on his best assets, it was not necessarily the Northerners who wanted to create without their future man: Burak Yilmaz. Montpellier (4–0), in order to respond to the PSG winner on Friday evening, was forced to do without him, due to injuries to the calf.

Hence hanging was the major word of this meeting. In fact, if Lille (2)Th) A return to equality with the leader of Paris required a victory, a breakthrough for Rennes was also necessary. Fifth from monaco, men’s Julian Stefan Can pierce OM.


At 5 pm, kick-off is given at Roazhon Park. On the strength of a good first half of the season, this championship saw two teams battling for the same goal in good condition: victory. The 22 actors were well aware of the importance of this poster and realized it from the first moments. The intensity was therefore, to our greatest pleasure.

After 15 minutes of observation, the first opportunity will be good for Lille. Roman copy Dangerous corner pushed back YeezeeAt the feet of Jonathan David. The Raiders did not pray to open the scoring by taking the leather in the first intention (0-1). Similar men are Christophe Galtier, Despite a balanced first quarter of an hour, would be more profitable.

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The last half hour, the game was slowly losing momentum. The mistake is, perhaps, for a video aid to the referee, too long for the millimeter to verify an offside position. Somehow, the first act ended at the smallest interval in favor of the visitors. And it gave us some suspense for the second act. 0-1 at halftime.

Lily does not lose answers

It was after a 15-minute traditional break that both teams returned to the pitch. The contacts were rough from the beginning, sometimes arguing. We had imagined that the fight would be rough. Playing time would indicate the tip of his nose with Rance, who began to show more dangerous hair.

Despite the content being interesting in the context of the game, neither team managed to afford an ounce of scoring opportunity, but a second irony. In this way, minutes passed in the last quarter of an hour. The intentions were not bad, but both defensive blocks were particularly strong. At the end of the game, the Mastiffs coach made two changes to consolidate the results he was holding. However, pushing back, the Renanis tried everything in vain to get back to the score. Like this LOSC Will pocket 3 important points, which allows him to pick up at Paris Saint-Germain. A sluggish but solid win for Lily on the smallest score. 0–1, final score.

Christophe Beaumont


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