For the 19th time, it will be a Canada-USA final.

For the 19th time, it will be a Canada-USA final.

On Tuesday, the Canadian players will take on the defending champion Americans in the final. The United States closed out Finland 3-0 earlier today.

Canada returned to the finals after losing to Finland in the semi-finals in 2019, eventually securing the bronze medal. This was the first time in tournament history that Maple Leaf representatives did not reach the finals.

The American is trying to win his sixth consecutive title and ninth in the last 10 worlds. Canadian women haven’t won gold in nine years.

The 2020 tournament was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2021 was postponed until August and was moved to Calgary after a return from Nova Scotia.

Canada still undefeated

Renata Fast had one goal and one assist. Rebecca Johnson also hit the mark, while Marie-Philippe Paulin collected two assists.

Ann-Renée Desbiense was perfect in front of 10 shots, and Andrea Brendli shot 61 of 65 shots.

Doust dominated the tournament’s column of best scorers with six goals and six assists, ahead of her teammate Natalie Spooner (four goals and five assists).

Canada easily defeated the United States 5–1 in the preliminary round to win Group A with a 4–0 record. In the quarter-finals, Canada defeated Germany 7-0.

The Swiss finished at the bottom of Group A with a 0-4 record. However, they beat Russia 3-2 in overtime on Saturday.

Switzerland spent most of the game defending itself on its territory. Canada defeated them 5-0 in the first game.

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America’s 3-0 win over Finland

Alex Carpenter, Abby Murphy and Kendall Coyne Schofield, the latter in an empty net, were the scorers of the meeting.

Nicole Hensley looked back 14 times, while Annie Keisala faced 33 shots.

Goalkeeper Nicole Hensley is surrounded by his teammates to celebrate his victory.

Photo : The Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh

Two-thirds of the way, the advantage on shots was 25–7 in favor of the United States.

Carpenter deflected a Lee Steklin shot midway through the second period. Less than five minutes later, Murphy hit the nail on the head with a low shot.

Finland failed to score five-three at the start of the first period. At the end of the engagement, a shot of Susannah Tapani hit the post.

The Finns will look to win the bronze medal against the Swiss on Tuesday.


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