Galathy tested positive for Kovid

Galathy tested positive for Kovid

France’s XV: Fabian Galthi positive for Kovid-19

France’s XV coach Fabin Galthy tested positive for Kovid-19 on Tuesday. “This diagnosis was established this morning after a test, in verification of a PCR test conducted a day earlier, indicates the French Rugby Federation. During this test, the France group tested negative with the exception of two-member management Done, including Fabian Galthey. According to health protocols in the force, two members of the management whose separation began last night will be isolated for 7 days. Their activities will be continued remotely. To date No symptoms have been noted. An additional test, performed at the National Rugby Center on Wednesday morning, will be performed with the entire France group. Tests will be done at home on Friday, with 31 players announced at Center National Rugby on Sunday evening. Hoagie. It will take place on Wednesday 17 February for the match against Scotland. “The France-Scotland match will take place on 28 February, as part of Day 3 of the six-nation tournament.

PGE, Buffett Tax … Government’s response to French football

The video-held meeting on Tuesday morning between professional football and the state lasted for an hour. One of the conclusions from the ministries was to tailor it according to the size and difficulties faced by the various clubs and which were not the same according to the budget of each.

After this first meeting, a Working Group was set up to work. The Ministry of Economy is closely linked to all discussions. All topics and requests of LFPs were placed on the table. No decision has been taken yet, everything will be studied.

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But on RMC Sport’s microphone, the sports minister, Jean-Michel Blenker, clearly indicated that exemption from reimbursement of state-guaranteed loans was not the preferred option. Other solutions will be studied. Suspending the Buffet Tax, which allows the proceeds to be donated to amateur football, would also not send a good message, Blank understood. On the other hand, measures of VAT can be studied.

“I think the first and foremost thing is that we should have a common sense view on this subject, which is at stake, the economic models that are behind it, are appropriate for the time being, Blanquer declared by microphone. By RMC Sport. . In the end, of interest, of the spectator, of the football fan. This is also what should be on the table. And I think it can be a winner if we think about it collectively, keeping in mind the lesson of the crisis. “

“I don’t think it would be a good message to suspend the Buffet tax, Blank added. Because there is a message behind Buffett Tax that is solidarity between the professional world and the amateur world and it is a very good message.” On the other hand, we are able to hear what is behind the financial stake and thus perhaps respond to this expectation in other ways. “

With Lo Withc Briley

A positive staff member, “suspected case” for France’s Galthey and XV in isolation

France’s XV was tested for the Kovid-19, two days after its result in Ireland (13–15). If the entire workforce goes negative, it is not so with the management of the Blues. “Following the PCR tests conducted last night (Monday) at Marcus, all players tested negative, a member of the technical staff tested positive, as well as a suspected and unprocessed case in relation to Fabian Galthey that this morning ( Tuesday), “the French Rugby Federation (FFB) explains on Tuesday morning. The coach of France’s coach was to be tested positive first and then negative, and would therefore undergo a new PCR test on Tuesday.

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“As per the health protocol, all members of the team and management were isolated this morning, the Fed continues. Negotiations are limited to the maximum. An additional test conducted at the National Rugby Center will be conducted on Wednesday. For the entire selection morning. “

UEFA would not like the second part of Liverpool-Leipzig to be played at Anfield

According to information from the German newspaper Kicker, after 16 first leg rounds in Budapest, UEFA may ask Liverpool to host Leipzig compared to England.

Scheduled on 10 March, this setback between the Reds and the RBL can thus be taken outside of England so that German players are not exposed to two weeks of quarantine after a possible trip across the channel. Leipzig may be forced to pay 300,000 euros as compensation to get this match played on neutral ground.

A new game postponed in NBA

Despite a stringent health protocol for NBA players, the North American Basketball League has announced a postponement of the game between Detroit and San Antonio. Scheduled for Tuesday through Wednesday nights, the duel will not be played due to an insufficient number of players available to the Spurs.

“A member of the Texas team has tested positive, without confirming whether the NBA is a player or a member of management. As a result, traceability checks were initiated with other members.”

According to NBA protocol, anyone who tests positive, or is identified as being in close contact with an infected person, should be dropped. Since the season started on 22 December, 25 matches have been postponed due to Kovid-19.

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