German Daniel Stendall will be the new coach

German Daniel Stendall will be the new coach

Gauthier Ganaye. Already working with

Daniel Stendel was clearly the “Plan A” of Gauthier Ganey and ASNL’s new shareholders, who achieved their objective by convincing them to get into Lig2. Gauthier knows Ganey and his colleague Daniel Stendel very well and appreciates them. Having already worked together at Barnsley in 2018–2019, with success: an accession from League One (D3) to Championship (D2). Daniel Stendall perfectly matches the robot portraits drawn by Gauthier Gane to set the game based on the famous “Gegenpressing”! Translate counter-pressing, the desire to press too much to recover the ball quickly, as much as possible of the opposing goal, and to advance to the scoring position. Sparkling football that requires a lot of energy and accurate attributes from the chosen players, hence the use of data in recruiting. In addition, Daniel Stendall has already validated five possible recruits with Gauthier Gane.

Francophones in the staff

This will be Daniel Stendall’s first experience in French football, initially with a language barrier. But we’ll find Francophones in Daniel Stendall’s staff. And then there is a good chance that the new coach speaks French fairly quickly given his past experiences. He arrived in Barnsley, England without mastering the language of Shakespeare, but he quickly made up for it! It has to be said that Daniel Stendall learned one of the most difficult foreign languages ​​in childhood. Until reunion in 1990, he grew up in East Germany, and that’s why he had to learn Russian when he was young!

Today Daniel Stendall turns 47 years old. After a successful striker career at the Bundesliga, he first went into coaching with the youth of the Hannover 96 club. He finished coaching at the Bundesliga at Barnsley (England), but before making a daring effort across the channel, but also at the heart of Midlothian (Scotland) in 2019-2020. Wherever he has gone so far, Daniel Stendall has left the image of a coach who is strict and close to his players. A coach turned to the aggressor who keeps the matches completely on his edge. Can’t wait to see what happens to Nancy’s “Manshaft” …

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