Golf courses at the core of feud between Trump and Scotland

Golf courses at the core of feud between Trump and Scotland

The owner of golf courses in Scotland, Donald Trump also occasionally (archives) handles the club. Keystone / EPA Sipa USA Pool / Oliver Contreras / Pool sda-at

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A ten-year-old feud over a golf course sparks a new relationship between the Scottish government and United States President Donald Trump. And they shouldn’t get any better with the billionaire coming to Scotland this weekend.

The US president is expected to visit his luxury sports and hotel complex in Turnberry, southwest Scotland, which has three golf courses. But it was for his second course, known as the Trump International Golf Links, north of Aberdeen, that he worked long hours with Edinburgh.

A few days before the first official visit of the US President to the United Kingdom, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon did not hide her joy at the opening of a wind farm, the construction of which was briefly slowed down. Real estate mogul. The latter feared that the facilities would spoil the beautiful view offered by his domain.

The party leader said, “A well-known American owner of a golf course, and who, I believe, has converted to politics, decided to sue the government for stopping the installation of these turbines.” The Scottish National Council (SNP) when the first wind turbine was commissioned.

Trump-Sturgeon will not meet

“But the government beat him in court. And these formidable wind turbines will be able to start producing electricity,” she said.

Nicola Sturgeon refused to meet with Donald Trump during his visit. Yet he resisted pressure from some Scottish MPs who wanted the government to prevent him from landing at the public – Glasgow-Prestwick airport.

There seems to be animosity between the best negotiator in the world and the man who prides himself on being the Scottish ruler. The son of a Scottish woman, Donald Trump acquired 567 hectares of land near Aberdeen in 2006, promising to make it “the best golf course in the world”.

The proposal was well received by then Prime Minister of Labor Jack McConnell. He also named the US “Scottish World Ambassador” for trade. It did not rely on opposition from the project by local elected officials, residents and defenders of the environment.

Trump’s airy promises

But initially, the independence government of Alex Salmond, an avid golf enthusiast, rescinded the city council’s decision to allow the site to start, attracting the qualifiers of “extraordinary man” from Mr. Trump and laying the foundation for a friendship that did not. was going to end.

The American tycoon promised to create 6,000 jobs and invest one billion pounds (1.32 billion francs), a promise that was never fulfilled. The Trump Organization has spent a total of £100 million on the site, and employs 650 people, including temporary workers.

In addition, Mr Trump is beginning to intervene in the politics of the SNP, which seeks to make Scotland a leader in renewable energy. In 2009 he went to the Scottish Parliament to speak against plans to build eleven “terrible” offshore wind turbines from Aberdeen, saying they would wreak “terrible havoc” on Scottish tourism.

But six years later, the number of visitors to Scotland has increased by about 25%, and more than two-thirds of Scottish households are powered by renewable energy.

After threatening not to invest any more in Scotland if the wind project saw the light of day, Donald Trump finally consoled himself by offering himself another golf course at the other end of the country. Choosing the moment carefully, he came to inaugurate his Turnberry campus on June 24, 2016, a day after the referendum that saw the British vote for Brexit.

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