Health Minister plays rugby in the park

Health Minister plays rugby in the park

London British Health Secretary Matt Hancock is taking a walk in Queen’s Park in north London, despite British Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling on people to “stay home until this weekend”. In a video of “daily Mail“You can see Hancock covered carelessly in the mud under his left arm and walking with a rugby ball while carelessly strolling through the park in London. He clearly makes an impression of comfort and even in the camera Smiles

The witness who recorded the scene told the Daily Mail that he found Hancock in the park around 3:30 pm after playing rugby with his son.

Johnson warns of “silent broadcasters”

On Friday, Prime Minister Johnson released a video urging his people to think twice before leaving home. The Prime Minister said on Friday, “This is not the slightest time to rest.” Whenever possible people should take precautions and stay at home.

He urged UK citizens to act as coronoviruses and warned that asymptomatic “silent distributors” could pass coronoviruses.

Shopping without masks and arrests

But the 56-year-old’s appeal was clearly denied – and not just with his own cabinet member. As reported by the Daily Mail, in the British city of Slough, shoppers left the Poundland chain store without covering a mouth and nose. In Birmingham, police arrested 11 people and fined them three times as around 150 people gathered in an “illegal” anti-lockdown demonstration.

In addition, it sparked the incident once in London, where a dozen beer glasses were still on the counter, writes the British newspaper. Meanwhile, there were large crowds of people in public places such as parks.

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Kovid-Hospitals with record number of 19 patients

Johnson described the pressure on the health system as “extraordinary”, with a record number of Kovid 19 patients in hospitals. In some hospitals, the cancer operation will have to be postponed and ambulances lined up at the door, the Prime Minister said on Friday.

According to official figures, more than 19 Kovid-19 patients are currently being treated in UK hospitals, with a total number of over 37,000. Johnson said that more than 4,000 people were hospitalized on Tuesday alone.

The government mainly attributes the more infectious coronavirus virus discovered in England to the rapid increase in new infections. Even in supermarkets, standing in line close to someone else can be dangerous, Johnson warned. Last week in Great Britain there were more than 550 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. In London, this number exceeds 1000 in many parts of the city.


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