ICE Hockey League: KAC is the first team in the final – Winter Sports – Ice Hockey

ICE Hockey League: KAC is the first team in the final - Winter Sports - Ice Hockey

KAC is the first team to enter the finals of the ICE Hockey League! The Red Jackets were victorious in the fifth semi-final game against EC Red Bull Salzburg 1–0 (0–0, 1–0, 0–0) and moved into their second final en suite with a series final score of 4–1. . For Salzburg, however, the season is over.

In an intense game, both teams inflict many penalties at the start, but what matters is not out of it. The best opportunity in the first section is given by Baltram, who fails with his onetimer to KAC keeper Dahm (14th) from the left face-off circle.

The middle third almost started with a power start for Salzburg, but Baltram faced Dahm again (21st). The “Police” remained on the trigger, but in their best phase they conceded the goal: Koch faked the shot, but left the goal for Unterweger, who shot Salzburg goalkeeper Eliasson through the sleeve (26th). defeated.

Unterweger’s breakthrough hits in the video:

As a result, Salzburg looked puzzled, having missed a decisive refill (28th) by KAC Schumannig. In the 34th minute of the game, the guests cheered about an alleged equalizer by Schofield, Paul Huber, who, however, rearranged Dahm in development, the referee decides on a “no goal” after video evidence. Shortly afterwards, there is the decider on the spot (35th) against Dame Heinrich.

In the final section, Bischofberger almost manages the dream start for the Klagenfurters, Eliasson can cross his wrist shot (41.). As a result, Salzburg went up a gear, but Chorny (52nd) missed his best opportunity to equalize in a face-off with MVP Sebastian Dahm.

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KAC brings minimal success over time and still has a chance to successfully defend their title. Salzburg, on the other hand, said goodbye early and missed the opportunity to win their first championship title since the 2015/16 season.

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