International Jury UEFA EURO 2020™. Announced Best Young Journalists for

Das sind die besten elf jungen Nachwuchsjournalisten im Internationalen Jugendpressezentrum der UEFA Euro 2020™. Das Jugendpressezentrum war Bestandteil des internationalen Kindersozialprogramms Football for Friendship (F4F) des russischen Energieunternehmens Gazprom.

Although the European Football Championship ended three weeks ago with an exciting final between England and Italy, it will be remembered for a long time by many fans and spectators. Another eagerly awaited highlight followed last weekend for a group of girls and boys aged twelve to 14 who got their hands on the UEFA EURO 2020™ International Youth Press Center as on-site reporters at eleven stadiums was allowed to try. .


An international jury selected the best young journalist from each of the eleven venues. They can now participate in the awarding of the trophy for Czech striker Patrick Schick, the championship’s best goaltender, at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, at the end of August. A very special trophy was created for the award by well-known Russian calligraphic futurism artist Pokras Lampas on behalf of UEFA partner Gazprom. Patrick Schick scored his sensational goal from 50 meters away in the match between the Czech Republic and Scotland in Glasgow on 14 June.

Germany’s best known journalist was Christina Bastron of Hanover, who reported on the preliminary round match between Germany and Portugal in Munich on 19 June. Christina prevailed against the other eleven young journalists from Germany who had reported four games in Munich. Russian sports journalist Andrey Syzakin of Sport Express congratulated him and wished him all the best for the future: “Russia with Love”.

As part of their work at the International Press Center, 144 participants reported events from the perspective of nine common values: friendship, equality, justice, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions and respect. Each young journalist attended a game in their country, wrote a report on the game, predicted tournament goals, and shared life hacks on mobile journalism. All participants attended several teaching units in the “School of Nine Values” to learn and develop journalistic skills. The working language throughout the program was English.

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“wonderful experience”

“I really liked the ‘School of Nine Values’. The live experience of the football match between Germany and Portugal was also great. In the online courses, we talked to other participants about the Nine Values. I also learned that a How to make an exciting title. A journalist must of course have good writing. But she must also be able to act flexibly and intuitively. In addition, a journalist must have good organizational and communication skills,” says Christina Here is a summary of my experience.

“We had a lot of work to do, like interviewing people, which I had never done before. On the other hand, watching an England game live was a unique experience. Our teachers in the ‘School of Nine Values’ were great. We discussed with other children what we meant by friendship, equality and fairness. Many practical tips on journalism work were very helpful. I really enjoyed shooting a video during the game and making it interesting and exciting for my followers. I was definitely able to improve my communication skills,” says Jackson Gilligan from England, Christina’s colleague.

“It was wonderful to see live the opening game of the European Championships in Rome and to see the fans of both teams cheering on their teams. This impressive atmosphere only reinforced my love for this wonderful game of football,” said Italy’s Marco D’Achille he said.

“It was an amazing experience for all of us. I would be able to use it very well to aspire to my career to become a TV journalist,” says Danis Gantzev from St. Petersburg.

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“If you’re really interested in journalism and media, you need enthusiasm for it and you have to do your best. If that’s what you really want, consider a strategy for your articles. That’s it. Think about what you want to share and why. Then a content-wise coherent and encouraging contribution will emerge. Always question what your readers might be interested in”, says Nitya Khandelwal of Copenhagen.

The international children’s social program Football for Friendship was launched in 2013 by the company Gazprom. In the nine years of its existence, F4F has brought together over 16,000 participants from 211 countries. The program received 60 awards in the areas of social responsibility, sports and communication. It also holds three Guinness World Records™ for most visitors to a virtual stadium, most participants in soccer training and online soccer training with different player nationalities.


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