Jalen Brown called the Relters’ last-second loss to the Celtics an ‘insult’

Jalen Brown called the Relters' last-second loss to the Celtics an 'insult'

Lake Buena Vista, Fla. – Commanding a 3-0 lead in their Eastern Conference semifinal series against Boston Celtics defending champions Toronto Raptors was 0.5 seconds away.

But after the Raptors came forward OG Anunobi Freed the 3-pointer from the spectacular market-beat that saved Toronto from a 104-103 defeat, Celtics Forward Jalen Brown Didn’t try to hide his dislike of letting the Raptors stay alive – and was able to stay in the series as a result.

“It was just an f — insult at the end of the game,” Brown said.

“Somehow we shouldn’t lose that game. I take responsibility for it. Not just that play, but a lot of plays before. And it happens. These are NBA playoffs. Either you let them gain momentum or you come back and Get ready to play the next game. “

It seemed that the Celtics had completed their search for Toronto to save them all Kemba Vaker Kar The Raptors played a ridiculous game to split the double-team by the guard Fred Wenwelite And center Mark Gasol, Enter the lane and throw a no-looks bounce pass Daniel This 0.5 seconds left to give the Celtics a 103-101 lead.

But as Toronto was trying to inbound the ball – with 7 ft-5 Support Fall, Pressed against vakar tax, defended inbound pass Kyle Lori, Who is listed at 6 feet – there was an irregularity in between Jason Tatum And as Brown Anunobi, ran along the line to the opposite corner of the basket.

Tatum thought he had warned Brown to stay with Anunobi and wounded him by going into a double-team vanville. Brown, meanwhile, stayed so long with the gasoline in the paint that Lori’s pass was heading towards everyone Anunobi, who was sitting in the corner waiting to arrive, had to try to fly to save him.

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But it was only after the ball left Anunobi’s hand that he managed to get there – leaving him, and the rest of the Celtics, helpless to do anything, watched the market fall through the net as soon as it was heard. The Boston players threw their hands in the air in disgust while the Toronto players did the same in celebration of defending their season.

“Just an anomaly [of] The coverage we had, Brown said, “That’s really all. They did a remarkable play in the end. [Anunoby] Snack along the baseline, and we’ll just communicate better, that’s all. As a unit, it cannot happen. We matched, and OG clung to the baseline, not recognizing them as soon as possible and got a huge look.

“We should get better than that. We have to communicate better. I should get better since I’m four years old. Can’t give up 3 runs at the end of the game. … He made a remarkable shot, but still.

“It’s an F — iting. It’s horrible. There’s no excuse for it. It was ridiculous at all. You can’t get your feet out of the gas. We’ll be ready to play the game.”

After taking Boston to Toronto in Game 1, the last two games before the start of the series were played as expected, with the NBA’s two best defensive teams knocking out the last-minute games.

In Game 2, it was Walker who hit the biggest shot of the game in the final two minutes to seal the win. In Game 3, it was Vaker Kar who made this the absurd pass mostly to do so.

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“It was a great play,” Brown said. “He did his job, he drew two and found an open man. He put us two. It was a big play for us.

“Five points on the clock. We need a stop to win the F — IG game.”

But the Celtics didn’t get that stop. And, in that half-second, they saw an opportunity to lose pride in the series, and the defending champion was given a new lease on life.

“I mean they’re a really good team we’re playing against,” said Celtics coach Brad Stevens. “They’re tough, they’re smart, they put you on your heels. But I think our people are really competing, really fighting.

“Both teams gave it all up in a great game tonight. It hurts and he loses, but we’ll just go back to that and get ready for Saturday.”


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