Japan cancels rugby game – Typhoon affected the World Cup

Japan cancels rugby game - Typhoon affected the World Cup

Anton Leinert-Brown of New Zealand in a World Cup game against South Africa. (Zoff / Imago)

As the host of major sporting events, Japan faces significant weather-related challenges. This became apparent in the summer when several test competitions for the Olympic Games and Paralympics had to be canceled in the coming year. Now a storm has arrived that will hit Tokyo and the surrounding area over the weekend. And that in the middle of the Rugby World Cup. The tournament’s director, Alan Gilpin, was apparently the opposite when making the announcement that morning.

“Due to the potential effects of Typhoon Hagibis, we had to adjust the Rugby World Cup schedule accordingly. This meant, to our regret, that we would have to cancel the Games for security reasons. According to our independent weather experts, Typhoon Hagibis is set to happen. is strongest this year and may be around Tokyo, Yokohama and Toyota causing significant damage on Saturday and paralyzing local public transport.”

Canceled game tickets will be refunded

Japan’s railway operators usually stop traffic during severe thunderstorms so that visitors can’t get to or from the stadium anyway. Two rugby games against England against France and Italy against New Zealand on Saturday will be cancelled. The decision was difficult for everyone, Gilpin says.

“The risks are too high to be able to provide the necessary support to all teams and participants in an emergency and to guarantee the safety of spectators. All tickets for canceled games will be reimbursed.”

Japan should be “at any cost” against Scotland

It is still unclear whether the Games on Sunday will have to be cancelled. Among them will be the eagerly awaited match of “Courageous Cherry Blossoms”, the Japanese team that has won all three preliminary round matches so far – to a surprise to all. Once again Alan Gilpin, Director of the Rugby World Cup 2019:

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“Japan vs Scotland is definitely an important game. And of course we want to play it at all costs. We’ll work with all cities and authorities on Sunday morning to get the game done. But if we’re not sure, then we’re going to play it.” We will play this match the way I treat everyone else.”

Typhoon Hagibis is the nineteenth to hit Japan this year. Cyclone season is really over.


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