Kovid-19 France-Scotland – Overcomes France’s XV

Le Covid-19 vient à bout de France-Ecosse

The meeting was adjourned as a result of the revelation of a new positive case in the ranks of France’s XV. What date can it be seen? Probably not before July …

It was not tenable. And it did not catch up. The announcement, on Thursday morning, returns with urgency a new positive case in the ranks of France’s XV – La Rochelle Uni Atonio’s column, even though the FFR has done nothing formal – shattering the slightest expectation of what actually happens Able to count France-Scotland meeting at Stade de France on Sunday afternoon, on the third day of the given six-nation tournament.

For ten days, and the announcement of the first case – Fabian Galthi – on February 16, Markosis has become an epidemic focus. In the final (official) count, twelve players and four staff members tested positive. But at least a fifth will also be affected. After two days of relief – Tuesday and Wednesday – contamination resumed. Stopping training and separating all players is considered a matter of contact with the resumption of collective sessions on Wednesdays. A completely out of control situation that prompted Sports Minister Roxana Marasiniu to demand an internal investigation to understand what might have caused the health bubble in a thousand pieces.

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According to L’toquipe, it was the coach in person, Fabian Galthey, who drilled the first hole. Which does not mean that the patient is zero. But he set a bad example in this way. They demanded a sense of sacrifice and responsibility from these players, which is the aim of the latter’s outrage. Who feels betrayed. With possible consequences on the relationship between the Blues and their hierarchy in the future.

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FFR’s behavior is not more spectacular. By insisting on calling new players, to integrate them into the cluster, Federation leaders have fed a home meal. They will now also have to report to the top 14 clubs who find themselves ill or with contact players considered to be contact cases. They will have to spend time dying of the epidemic so that there is no risk of being affected in return.

The Scots refused for the weekend of March 6 and 7

The Committee of Six Countries warned on Wednesday: France-Scotland was maintained … in the context of a sound health. The Scottish Government also placed a condition. He does not allow his team to come to Saint-Denis if a minor new case arises in the Marcosis. Unexpectedly, on Thursday afternoon, the Six Nations have formalized the postponement. However without announcing its new date.

The authority wanted it to be dismissed on the first available weekend, 6 and 7 March. The Scots refused. Because they have no agreement with English clubs for the provision of playing in the premiership with their ten players (captain, Stuart Hogg). And that they refuse, legitimately, to be the turkeys of Turkey to underestimate themselves to the Viz-a-Viz of France’s XV. But also (above all) because it is not certain that the epidemic that lowers the rank of the tricolor will be contained within eight days.

The Six Nations Committee will unveil this new date in “due course”. According to our information, this damned France-Scotland… can be postponed until the first weekend of July. At the end of either club competitions (European Cup and Championship).

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