Maracineanu pressure on France’s XV

Maracineanu pressure on France's XV

Maracineanu puts pressure on Laporte

“I gave my authority to hold a contest, as I was presented with a protocol, says Roxana Marsacanian on the team. If there is a breach, it is up to Bernard LaPorte what we are doing, What else to do. Organizer of this tournament. “

Maracineanu clarifies potential restrictions

“I, as Minister of Sports, will not be able to give them sanctions or fines, specifying Maracineanu on Channel L’Equipe about possible sanctions within France’s XV. Federation, on the other hand, which committed to Is. Ministry, approval is likely. Once again, if we have authorized and if nothing ever happens and we do not explain what happened… the given authorization can be withdrawn. “

France’s XV protocol suspects sports minister

“I don’t think it was written in the protocol that players were going to be able to go out and eat waffles. We really had to get them back when they entered the bubble in contact with others. We want to know Whether it was. Done, ‘S’ asks Roxana Marsainenu on the Equip channel.

Maracineanu mentions possible measures after France’s XV cluster

“Ban! I’ll ask the president of FFR, it’s the one who’s responsible. Probably the tournament organizers as well, who will demand accountability. We were lucky that this match was not declared a loser.” Ministry, we have authorized certain players to travel and train under certain conditions. We can also remove this authorization. I am waiting without any worries, I was afraid that this cluster would spread the virus elsewhere. These people are no longer in isolation. Like we had infected some part of the population due to rugby. “

Maracineanu: “Zero if we know the patient! He has changed three times!”

“I await information, explains the Minister of Sports Roxana Marakinsu on BFMTV. Today, we have sent a letter to the FFR to inform us, along with ARS, to introduce a series of contamination investigations. Go. Patient Zero (whose identity Serge Simon said he knew), changed three times! Serge Simon has actually informed us as we requested a collection of cases. I am awaiting return from the Federation . “

At the RMC, Bernard LaPorte ensures that Fabian Galthey is not threatened

French Rugby Federation President Bernard LaPorte is the guest of the Super Mosquito show on RMC this Friday: “Serge Simon’s statements? I’m not a doctor. I haven’t seen these statements and I’m asking for reports. Things are clear. Is it Can leave a mark in the player-employee relationship? This morning, I saw very strong players. I saw a very supportive staff with my coach. Things are clear this morning, everyone was there. The Fed is an institution, me. It is right to ask for a report under the leadership of the Secretary-General. Do I have any regrets in this story? Once we have the report. I have no doubt. I am practical. If there is a problem, I would say that we are wrong. Thea. I’m not going ahead at the rate of rumors. If there’s a problem. There are mistakes, we’ll cheer. Galthey isn’t threatened. Definitely not. “

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Bernard LaPorte on RMC: “You need to know when this virus entered”

“The English version has entered our home, unfortunately. The incubation period is long. It’s harmful. What’s important is management. There are meetings. There are French references to Serge Simon Kovid. I was greeted by VI nations.” It is the first thing to know when this virus has entered. When you say someone went out and recovered the virus, it is serious to say. Exiting the bubble means coming in contact with people who are contaminated, exposing oneself. Going for example in an apartment with ten people. When I walked around Italy one morning, I had a mask I could not find in the street. I did not get out of the bubble. “

Bernard LaPorte defends Fabian Galthey at RMC

French Rugby Federation President Bernard LaPorte is the guest of the Super Moscato Show at the RMC this Friday. He returns to the postponement of the France-Scotland match due to several positive coronovirus tests in the French ranks: “There was never any question of leaving Fabian Galthi. I don’t know if he left or not. Has he broken the rules ? ” Not what I’ve been told. The report will tell. I asked him questions, he said not me and I trust him. “Does that mean” comes out of the bubble “? I was in Italy for example. Got off for a walk on the street, but that doesn’t mean they broke the bubble. Fabian told me he followed the protocol. Was. The final report will tell me who has failed or not. There is no mistake for me. “There must be a sanction for the mistake! If the report says people have failed, it will be the necessary restriction, it is clear. I ask for a report to find out everything. Fabian tells me that he did not break the rules, I believe. “

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Bernard LaPorte at RMC: “Nothing is infallible”

French Rugby Federation President Bernard LaPorte is the guest of the Super Moscato Show at the RMC this Friday. He returns to the postponement of the France-Scotland match due to several positive tests for coronovirus in the French ranks: “The virus has entered this bubble, indicating that it is not impermeable. I saw that the President of the Republic was corrupted.” Is., Donald Trump too… nothing is infallible. I asked for an investigation and a report from the Secretary-General who would trust the Medical Commission. I want someone to tell me what is going on. Has actually passed. . I’m waiting. Report. There is a 99.9% probability that the virus unfortunately entered through an VII player who was negative but has a period of incubation and it will turn positive. The Federation once learned of it in Ireland. Will happen. “

Champions League (F): Prague-PSG postponed

The 16 first leg round of the Women’s Champions League between Sparta Prague and PSG, which was initially scheduled for Wednesday 3 March, will not take place on that date due to the Kovid-19 cases in the Czech workforce. A return match is usually scheduled in France on 10 March. According to UEFA protocol, a match can be postponed “if there are fewer than 13 players registered in the official list or no goalkeeper is available”.

Amateur Rugby: FFR announces end of competitions in their official format

There will be no climbing and descent for this 2020/2021 amateur season. Since the beginning of October, French amateur rugby has been strongly affected by the coronovirus epidemic. That is why, on this Friday, the French Rugby Federation announced the closing of the season in their official format to end the competitions and “to prepare peacefully for the 2021/2022 season”. However, “restoration of practice is possible through friendly meetings and all forms of plateaus.”

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XV of France: There is no new positive case, players go home

The French Rugby Federation (FFR) announced that all the tests conducted on Thursday by XV players from France were negative. The good news, even though it will not change the postponement of the match against Scotland, is initially scheduled for Sunday. The announcement of the 12th Positive Player (which will be Uni Antonio) on Thursday pushed the Sixth Nations Organizing Committee to adjourn until an undetermined date. This will be released to players on Friday morning. After RT-PCR tests were performed on Thursday evening, February 26, all results are negative, indicating a press release from FFR. Apart from the previously identified cases, there is no new positive case for Kovid-19. Starting this morning, the players return to their homes by personal transport. “

Why Henry is leaving Montreal

Thierry Heaney announced his departure from the Montreal Football Club on Thursday for family reasons. In a message posted on Twitter, the former Arsenal striker admitted that he had experienced a very bad distance with his children due to a health bubble which prevented him from returning to see him in England.

Ibanez would like to play France-Scotland in late March

France’s XV manager Rafael Ibáñez would like France to play a match between France and Scotland in late March. Initially scheduled for Sunday (4pm, Stade de France) as part of the third day of the VI Nations tournament, the meeting was adjourned after the announcement of the testing of a 12th French player positive for the coronovirus , Which will be Uni Aterio. The former French international Hooters said on Thursday, “The best option will undoubtedly be the one that will be decided as soon as possible between the VI Nations Committee and the French Rugby Federation. Let’s hope the match is as close as possible. Possible for the tournament.” Is. In late March, it will be the norm for France’s XV. “


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