Married for ten years: Prince William, Duchess Kate and Love

Married for ten years: Prince William, Duchess Kate and Love

Will and Kate, as they are known by their fans, met while studying at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Both were registered for the subject of art history. Wrong verdict for William. He turned to geography and studied his master there.

From fellow student to loved one

Kate Middleton may be more than a good friend and fellow student to her, William is said to have realized it only a year after they met – when Kate catwalked in black lace underwear and posed at a charity Wore a see-through dress on occasion. Fashion show at her university in March 2002.

Nevertheless, Dear first gave him a cold shoulder. Because Kate was taken. Nevertheless, she moved into a shared student flat with William and three other fellow students – and at some point the spark jumped over her as well. In early 2003, the first photos appeared showing William and Kate together on a ski vacation.

Two separation, one engagement

Finding a woman at the age of 20 for a lifetime – an idea about which Prince William was probably not entirely sure. In 2004, the heir to the throne separated from his loved one, visiting Greece with friends, while Kate enjoyed in London clubs. A few weeks later, the two were again spotted together.

When the couple graduated a year later, the headmaster is said to have joked: “You may have met your spouse here.” This did not happen to William and Kate at first. Because after two years this couple separated again. Much has been speculated about the reasons.

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Relationship problem is a personal matter

Meanwhile, as the prince’s ex, Kate received several attractive offers from the press and media to open up about her relationship with William and the British royal family.

Thankfully, he never accepted it. Because again it only took a few months until the two were reunited. Kate had to wait almost three years for the wedding proposal. William made it in October 2010 on a backpack trip through Kenya. The following year, on 29 April 2011, they both said yes in front of 1,900 invited guests at Westminster Abbey, London.

Today five A modern family of

Today, William and his Kate are not only a happy couple, but also parents of three. Prince George was born in July 2013, followed by Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis two years later, completing all three in 2018.

With their straightforward and open views, William and Kate are the bearers of hope for the British royal family today. Scandal-free and popular, like some royalty, they stand for the transition to a modern monarchy.


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