MLS Cup score: Columbus Crew is the MLS champion, thanks to Zeleraine Brace for beating the Seattle Sounders.

MLS Cup score: Columbus Crew is the MLS champion, thanks to Zeleraine Brace for beating the Seattle Sounders.

The Columbus Crew are the 2020 MLC Cup champions as they beat Seattle Sounders FC 3-0 at the Mapfrey Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.

The crew dominated the first half of the match, accepting Seattle in an attempt to apply pressure and exploit the space in transition. In the 25th minute, Argentine transfer Lucas Zelrayan was paid for scoring a goal for the crew. Columbus will remain committed to his press and will quickly transition to his second goal just minutes after Derrick Etienne scored in the 31st minute.

The second part will try to record some offense early on and settle with two substitutes at Seattle halftime. The Sounders will get a good look at the goal before the hour goal, but have no success. The crew will seal the MLS Cup victory with a third goal in the nd૨ minute from Zelrayan.

The Columbus Crew won the second MLS Cup, except for star midfielder Darlington Nagbe Amon amid the epidemic and short arm. Three years after #SaveThreeCrew took a fan-led initiative, they picked up the trophy in front of their home crowd, saving the team from going from Columbus to Austin.

Columbus Crew vs. Seattle Sounders (8:30 pm ET)

  • Crew: Lucas Zellrayan (25 ‘)
  • Crew: Derrick Etienne (31 ‘)
  • Crew: Lucas Zellrayan (82 ‘)

Top plays

Lucas Zellrayan’s starting goal: The crew adjusted the tempo with their press and broke Zellray by scoring this one-touch volley to give Columbus an early lead.

Derrick Etienne extended the lead: The defender was active going forward for the crew and his work paid off as he was able to extend the crew’s lead in the 31st minute.

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Zellarayan seals victory: The forward was able to reconnect to the goal, as the stretched sounders gave the backline space to Zelerain to take a shot at the top of the box and join the top left corner.

Top performance

Lucas Zellrayan, Columbus: MLS to relocate to Argentina Tonight made history for the club as the third player to score multiple goals in the final, and by becoming a complete threat to the backline and scoring two goals, he helped win the MLS Cup by scoring one goal in the middle of the night today. Rating: 10

Aidan Morris, Columbus: The 19-year-old Rookie put on an impressive performance in the evening, putting a solid shift in midfield for the crew and completely differentiating Seattle’s creative master Nicolas Lodrio. It was also a crucial factor in the construction for the crew’s opening goal. Rating: 8.5

Raul Ruiday, Seattle: The Peruvian striker was practically non-factor for Seattle in the evening despite having 15 minutes in the second half, as SON Onds tried to score early in the second half. Separated, disappointed and kept the scoresheet off. Rating: 5


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