More lost points from Liverpool to Leicester; Big loss for Tottenham

  More lost points from Liverpool to Leicester;  Big loss for Tottenham

Liverpool’s fading title hopes to overtake Tottenham will be a knockout blow at Leicester in Man City, as a music veteran takes us into this week’s Premier League predictions – with no deal against Leeds at Arsenal .

Each week our writers take on a different band or artist making their Premier League predictions, while you can join the fun using the story commentary feature (below) Your say forum.

Our last challenger is James of the Mighty biffy clyro. Are Kilmarnock supporters – the last track from the north of the north – better for us SunkenThe

Last time we were Bruce from the band Good health, good wealth Take us You can see who did the best Here

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Day 24

Leicester v Liverpool (Samedi, 12h30)

James: 2-2

Sunken: 3-2

Crystal Palace v Burnley (Samadi, 15h)

James: 103

Sunken: 0-1

Manchester City v Tottenham (Samedi, 17h30)

James: 2-1

Sunken: 5-1

Brighton v Aston Villa (Samadi, 20h)

James: 1-1

Sunken: 0-2

Southampton v Wolves (Dimench, 12h)

James: 2-1

Sunken: 2-1

West Brom vs Manchester United (Dimench, 14h)

James: 1-3

Sunken: 0-2

Arsenal v Leeds United (Dimench, 16 H 30)

James: 3-2

Sunken: 1-2

Everton v Fulham (Dimanche, 19h)

James: 103

Sunken: 2-1

West Ham vs Sheffield United (Monday, 6pm)

James: 2-0

Sunken: 2-0

Chelsea v Newcastle (Lundy, 20h)

James: 1-2

Sunken: 2-1

Timetable: How did you come to support Killy and what are your favorite memories from your time as a fan?

James: We support Kilmarnock, our local club – like everyone else should! Haha, so it was an easy club option. We grew up in a small town, so walk all the way to the ground and the number of scarves and flags gradually increases as you turn every corner towards the ground.

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Timetable: Who were your five favorite players for your club? (Historically or currently)

James: Ally Michelle – A naturally gifted little footballer who we admired in our early years of watching the team. I remember that Ben and I had seen Eli and some players walking in the city one day, thinking that we had seen the Almighty God!

Chris Burke – A player who is now approaching the turning point of his career, but you won’t know by seeing him on the pitch – his work rate is unprecedented and he never gives up.

Dragoje Lekovic – Talisman and Charismatic! A real fan from Yugoslavia – My Dragon!

Paul Wright – our famous 1997 Scottish Cup win goalkeeper! The city was on fire when the team returned with the trophy – I remember going with Simon to welcome the bus to the city and it was just a blue and green sea – amazing!

Davey Sneddon MBE – I didn’t have a chance to see this club veteran capturing the turf, but I have a chance to make his company sometime, and he was the kindest, most sociable man. If only all the old players were so polite!

Tommy Wright was all aboard the steam train

Timetable: What are your expectations for the rest of the season and what do you think of the current team?

James: I think we have a fair team of players and some great players, but we have lost our way in the last 12 months. It was sad that Alex Dyer’s term was coming to an end, but the results did come. Hopefully players and fans can connect with new man Tommy Wright and I think he is a good date. Good luck Tommy!

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Timetable: All have weakness for another team. Who is yours and why?

JamesIt was hard not to have a soft spot for Manchester United in the 90s as a young Scottish football fan… Fergie was such a confident manager and his teams were very exciting to watch.

Biffy clyro group

Timetable: What’s up with the band right now?

James: Well, like everyone else, we’re trying to navigate a fairly bumpy road, which I’m not sure where it goes! However, we try to keep busy and we’re still working on the music somehow, but I’m counting down the days until live music returns to our world – I miss it very much Am!

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