Morning Report: Lyon Edwards ‘over’ on ‘George Musvidal Farrow’, saying he is “on site” when he sees it.

Morning Report: Lyon Edwards ‘over’ on ‘George Musvidal Farrow’, saying he is “on site” when he sees it.

It seems that Leon Edwards The goal of fighting is abandoned George Masvidal In a cage, so instead, he has to push the “gamebread” into his hands.

Edwards has been at loggerheads with Masvidal for the past year, returning from a post-fight brawl at UFC London last year, where Masvidal beat him with his current famous “three parts and soda”. Unfortunately for Edwards, he found very little land in his search. Following his boycott, Masvidal emerged as a bona fide star at the UFC, claiming the BMF title. Nate Diaz. After a failed title bid from Masvidal earlier this year, it looked like Edwards might finally be in a position to get his favorite bout, but instead, all signs are currently leading to Masvidal’s rematch later this year, with Net Diaz once again frustrating the Birmingham fighter. has been doing. .

“Yeah, I think that’s the annoying part,” Edwards said Submission Radio. “Because the UFC wants a fight, like George Fight in particular. I know he went to the UFC and he said he wouldn’t fight me until I got the title or anything. But I think to get the title he needs to fight with someone in the top five, which he is not doing. Therefore, it is disappointing, because the UFC He wants it, I want it, but other people, they have no reason to say I’m fighting hard and they don’t want to lose. So, I don’t know. “

Although the UFC had some interest in booking a fight between Masvidal and Edwards, Masvidal was never interested, preferring to fight with Diaz and big-name fighters. I am Ascran. That said, the rematch between him and Diaz drew little reaction from fans as his first round was not particularly competitive, and Edwards is among those who don’t understand the rematch.

“I think it’s a big fight between me and him,” Edwards said. “I don’t know. The first fight when he fought Diaz, basically beat him for those three rounds that they were in the fight. So, I don’t understand where the selling point is. I just don’t understand it. It’s there. He went out, hit Diaz hard and just went ahead. It’s a weird situation. But let them do their job and let them play the right game. “

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Going forward, at this point, Edwards thinks he has to do the same. Despite campaigning with Masvidal for over a year now, he doesn’t really look close to becoming one and instead, “Rocky” says he’s looking at other fighters in the division, but will be “on site.” Muskvidal they should never re-enter with each other.

“He came out and said he didn’t want any smoking with me, he would just fight me for that world title. So, now I’m kind of on top of it, “Edwards said. “He does not want to fight. So, when I see him, we’ll be on site fighting, and he knows what it’s like when we look at each other. That’s what it is. You can’t force a man to fight, right? If he says he doesn’t want to fight, you can’t. There is nothing you can do to force it. I want it, UFC wants it. He keeps saying he doesn’t want it. So what can i do now ”

Edwards has been in a holding pattern for some time recently. He last won in July 2019 with a unanimous decision Rafael dos Anjos, But later, due to the coronavirus, for the most part, is unable to compete. He was about to face it Tyrone Woodley In March, however, travel restrictions forced him to withdraw from travel when he moved from London to the United States. It’s been a disappointing set of circumstances for the fourth-ranked welterweight, but he hopes his end is near and when it does, he’ll get a big fight.

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Edwards said, “I think I deserve to be one of these top five people even if I don’t have a big name in this game.” “So, yes, I’ve been at the UFC since March now, trying to get a name and get a fight, but it’s always been, it was difficult for me during the lockdown. Each of the top 15 other U.S. Based in I am alone in the top 15 based in the UK. Therefore, the UFC It’s easier to match those people compared to, as they are based in the states, and I can’t travel due to visa issues, and obviously you can’t enter the US from the UK. So, it’s been frustrating and it’s annoying. But my time will come and I will be the champion and I believe you know what I mean, so it’s all good. “

Edwards has a 10-2 record at the UFC and is currently on an eight-fight winning streak within the Octagon. His last loss was a decision to take three rounds unanimously Kamru Usman In 2015.

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