National team travels to Scotland without Germany’s giants – 12th man

National team travels to Scotland without Germany's giants - 12th man

After much deliberation and an exchange with Scottish Football Association decided Ö fbAfter a trip to away games Glasgow time 25 March To World Cup qualification To compete

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British Coronavirus version since B.1.1.7 Known as distant infectious mutations, a lot has changed in European football. For example round of 16 matches UEFA Champions League in between RB Leipzig And Fc liverpool Had to be in Budapest. The reason for this was the German quarantine rules regarding travel to Great Britain. After staying in the United Kingdom, stayFB professionals playing in Germany will face several days of quarantine.

Austrian Football Association before World cup qualifier time 25 March in Scotland Put. Because the giants of Germany are still obliged to visit the island. Team boss Franco Bosh And around andFB top Leo windner Finally decided after a certain period of consultation and after an exchange with SFA For the start of the distant journey to Glasgow. This decision means that many Germany professionals will not be used the most because the clubs are loud FIFA Are free from obligation to park.

Against home game in Vienna Faroe Islands ()28 March) And Denmark ()31 March) Should, however Alaba And Co. Most likely. However, before he can only call players for the game of Scotland, he wants Ö fb Sending letters to German clubs asking them to shut down their players. The next few days will be very interesting for all the national team fans.

ÖFB fully press release

“After weighing all the factors carefully, carefullyFB top decided to travel to Scotland for the away games as part of World Cup qualification on 25 March and refrain from applying for an alternative scenario. President Leo Windtner, team boss Franco Foda, general secretary Thomas Holler, managing director Bernhard Neuhold and sports director Peter Schotel came to this joint decision after internal consultation.

Recently, a request for a venue swap was in the room, as team owner Franco Foda stands to do without all players from German clubs due to current quarantine rules.

An application to swap places should have been approved by FIFA, and this version would require a waiver for delegation to land in Austrian territory from Scotland. There are currently restrictions on flights coming from the UK. In this scenario, BFB-Elf would have to play three away games in Moldova, Israel and Scotland within a few days in September, which would be associated with considerable travel stress.

In addition, the crucial second leg against Scotland in September is expected to be able to rely on the support of the home crowd at the stadium. According to information from the international federation FIFA and UEFA, there is no option according to which the match is scheduled for 25 March 2021, while maintaining the domestic advantage for Scotland – which could be moved to neutral .

“We had to choose one of two unsatisfactory options. We did this after weighing all the parameters. We had a close and constructive dialogue with all parties involved, for which I would like to express my thanks, ”said Bernhard Neurole, Managing Director of BFB Wirtschaftsbetriebe GmbH. “There was no satisfactory option in this situation. We made our decision for the full qualification campaign.

If we had swapped domestic rights, we would have had to play three logically challenging and grueling games within a course in Moldova, Israel and Scotland in September. We are looking forward to a real home advantage with our fans following us in the autumn. It is important for us that the decision has been made. Now it is time to focus on the things that we can influence, ”says team owner Franco Foda.

In conclusion, it should be noted that .FB will continue to try everything to get players under contract in the German Bundesliga within the framework of existing possibilities. In this context, a letter was sent to all German clubs today, which, on the one hand, outlined strict prevention and hygiene measures within the course outline and, on the other hand, circulated the clubs’ request to receive them again. Special permit for a double pass with local health officials. “

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