No Brexit Happiness in Scotland and Northern Ireland

No Brexit Happiness in Scotland and Northern Ireland

The part of Great Britain may soon again be part of the European Union:

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wrote on Twitter: “Scotland will return to Central Europe as an independent country.”

In Edinburgh, Scotland, hundreds of people took to the streets against Brexit. He carried the Scottish and European Union flags and took the position: an independent Scotland, away from London, but a member of the European Union.

Northern Ireland is no longer part of the EU and in Northern Ireland – in Scotland – the majority is against Brexit. However, you can also see Northern Irish people who can live well with Brexit, such as retiree Thomas Glover: “It’s great that it’s done now. Now you have to negotiate, with border and maritime law.” There will be a problem, but work out somehow. “

Signs in central Belfast have “no hard limits” written on them and can be found throughout Northern Ireland.

It is not clear what the boundary between Ireland and Northern Ireland, a member of the European Union, should look like.

Even before Brexit, this fun song was “So Sorry, Scotland”, in which Scotland is asked to save Great Britain from Brexit.

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