No vaccination because of religion? NBA dismisses Andrew Wiggins

  No vaccination because of religion?  NBA dismisses Andrew Wiggins

Munich – Decisions in the NBA. The league has rejected Warriors star Andrew Wiggins’ application for exemption from Kovid vaccination. This means that the short forward is not allowed to participate in his team’s home games until he is fully immunized.

In theory, non-vaccinated players are also allowed to play in the NBA. In San Francisco and New York, however, different local rules apply. Players from the Warriors, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks must be vaccinated to be able to play their franchises in home games. Unless they can claim medical or religious reasons with permission.

NBA rejects Wiggins’ offer

Wiggings applied for exemption from the league for religious reasons, but this has now been denied.

The league said in a statement, “The NBA has reviewed and rejected Andrew Wiggins’ request for a religious exemption by order of the San Francisco Department of Health for all participants in major indoor events aged twelve and older for COVID-19.” 19 vaccinations were required.”

“Wiggins will not be able to play the Warriors’ home games until he meets the city’s vaccination requirements.”

Warrior professionals should be vaccinated

Further: “As per the current regulation, unvaccinated players are not allowed to enter indoor areas regardless of the reason they have not been vaccinated and cannot be exempted from this requirement, even if they have medical Or a religious exemption.”

Warriors’ professional Wiggins still have time to show up to vaccinations. Regulation in San Francisco won’t go into effect until mid-October, and training camp begins next Tuesday. The NBA season begins on October 19.

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Incidentally, the conditions are completely different in the three teams involved. While the Knicks have been fully vaccinated, Nets GM Sean Marks said earlier this week that some players are not yet eligible to play. In the case of Warriors, at least this is the case for Wiggins.

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