Packers vs Eagles score: Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurtz sees first wide action and Green Bay wins

Packers vs Eagles score: Philadelphia's Jalen Hurtz sees first wide action and Green Bay wins

Jalen Hurtz wasted a little life for the Philadelphia Eagles as head coach Doug Peders made the long-awaited quarterback change and put Carson Wentz in favor of the rookie. The Hurts had a chance to win the game for the Eagles, who bounced back from a 20-point fourth-quarter deficit, but the Green Bay Packers could not complete a comeback in a 30-16 defeat.

Aaron Ron Jones sealed the victory with a career long 77 77-yard touchdown run, leaving the Eagles’ comeback effort at 2:36. Jones finished with a 15-carry for 130 yards and a touchdown in victory, his second 100-yard season game.

Hertz relieved Wentz – who lost 1 for wicket for y finished yard in the third quarter and led the Eagles on an agkers yard nine-game, yoring – yard scoring drive. Game. On the fourth and 18th, Hurtz received Greg Ward for a 32-yard touchdown pass – the first in his NFL career. Eagle stopped Green Bay at three and out, and Jalen Rigor reduced the deficit and returned the punt of the machine coming into the final zone 23-16 (Jack Elliott missed an extra point). Hertz finished 5 out of 12 for 109 yards and with a touchdown and an inception for a 67.7 pass rating.

The Eagles held the Packers to another three and out, giving Hurts a 4:49 lead. Jones sealed the win with a touchdown run on his next possession of Green Bay before the Eagles gave up five plays for seven yards on a potential game-tying drive.

Aaron Rogers was brilliant once again, scoring three touchdown passes and becoming the fastest quarterback in league history with 400 touchdown passes. Dwight Adams caught those two touchdowns, setting the Don Hutson franchise record with his seventh consecutive game with a touchdown reception. He finished with 101 catches for 121 yards and two scores. Rogers went 25 out of 34 for 295 yards and three scores.

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Takeaways is coming out of the game soon, but there’s a quick recap here in the live blog below.

Why the Packers won

Green was incredible on two offenses, starting with the brilliance of Aaron Rogers and the mastery of Davante Adams. Rogers and Adams are the best quarterback-wide receiver combination in football this season, and Adams paired up 10 catches (12 goals) for 121 yards in the game and a touchdown from Rogers. When Green Bay had trouble moving the ball forward in the offense, Rogers went to Adams to bail him out and advance the highest scoring unit in the league. Adams has been exceptional in those 10 games, joining Jerry Rice (1989) and Randy Moss (2007), becoming only the third player since the merger, with 1000-plus receiving yards and 13-plus receiving 10 touchdowns. Is. Playing Rogers and Adams at this level, it will be difficult for the Packers to stop the offense.

Why the Eagles lost

The Eagles got nothing from Carson Wentz and offense, the second pathetic Wentz performance resulted in a replacement for Jalen Hurtz in the third quarter. Sure, Wentz was fired three times, but he finished just finished in the 15th for y yards yards in the loss, easy throws were missing and only the lost pre-instant appeared. The Eagles scored only once on Hurt’s four assets, but averaged 6.29 yards per game when he was in the game. In contrast, Philadelphia averaged 2.23 yards per game in five assists played by Wentz, scoring only field goals. That was enough for the Eagles and Wentz to play poorly. It was time to make the switch.

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Eagles Benching gave Wentz an exciting finish to the game for the first time in his career and going to Hurts. Philadelphia did not win the game, but the Eagles were certainly more competitive after a lifeless effort to that point, allowing the Green Bay to easily earn which was on the way to an easy victory. Hurtz provided a spark to the entire team even if Philadelphia came to an end soon.

Play the game

Aaron Ron Jones, running for y 77 yards for a touchdown in crunch time, sealed the victory for the Packers, showing how dangerous his offense could be behind his improper running. Jones was investigated at that point in the game, but with 2:36 left on second and on-on, Jones eventually broke the Eagles’ entire defense for the score.

Jones ran through three Eagles defenders and joked a bit more as he got into the race. He finished with a touchdown in 130 yards and a win.


“You guys let me go through this game. We needed a spark in this game and something to keep things going. I had to go through the tape. I have a lot of things to consider. I have to evaluate first before anything is decided. A chance. And we needed a chance to get back into the game of football today. “- Eagles head coach Pedig Pedersen on the benching of Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurtz in the third quarter.

Pederson will not name an early quarterback in Week 14 against the New Orleans Saints, but those words show he is heavily considering Hurts.

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Now the next

The Packers (9-3) will go on the road and face the Detroit Lions in Week 14 while the Eagles (3-8-1) will host the New Orleans Saints. Both games are on Sunday afternoons.


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