Pep Guardiola, Coach of the Year for his teammates

Pep Guardiola, entraîneur de l'année pour ses pairs

Revealing the identity of the winner of his name’s trophy, the great former Manchester United coach, Alex Ferguson, praised the “remarkable success” of the England champions’ re-victory of the title, but also the fact of access to the first Champions League. The time of the final, which will be played against Chelsea in Porto on Saturday.

The Premier League is the “strongest ever” championship in which he has coached, for his part, Guards Guardola, who succeeds the iconic Jurgen Klopp with Liverpool last year.

“The Spanish Liga is very enjoyable and the German championship as well, but this championship, because of the weather, the number of matches between November and February, the physical dimension, it is the toughest championship,” he said.

Members of the England Coaching Association also chose Norwich coach Daniel Farke, who will be promoted as Championship coach in the Premier League next season, and Emma Hayes, who has won the women’s title for the second time in a row with Chelsea as the best coach in the Championship. Won. Women’s team.

Glasgow Rangers coach Steven Gerrard received a special award for finishing the season unbeaten at the Scottish Championships.

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