Perisic equalizes, Croatia revived

Perisic equalizes, Croatia revived

Level still not exceptional

Despite Perisic’s draw, Croatia did not level their game and once again the Czech Republic dominated! Janko connects to the cross but Boril pushes back with a head!

Sousek’s vigorous strike!

The ball was badly returned by the Croatian defense and Tomas Sousek threw himself at it! He tries a low shot which misses Livkovic’s goals!

Yellow Card for Masopust

Logical yellow card for Lucas Mesopust after the duel where the Czech put his shoulder on Guradiol’s chest!

Croatia’s equation!

Brilliant equalizer of Perisic! Found in Kaufal’s back, Ivan Perisic sticks an inside hook and he continues a very powerful strike into the small opposite trap! Wacklick is beaten! 1 to 1!

Croatia with jealousy

Modric takes a free kick but the ball comes back! Kovacic tries a one-touch strike but it’s too high for Waiklik’s goals!

Two changes for Croatia!

Rebek and Braccalo walk out at half-time! Two players have been replaced by Petkovic and Ivanushek!

Half time in Scotland!

It’s half time in Glasgow! Czech Republic lead 1-0 against Croatia thanks to a penalty goal from the monstrous Patrick Schick! Offensively poor, Croatia was punished in a twist of fate. Lovren’s involuntary nudge on the skit in the box and the check striker immediately did justice to him. It smells of qualifying for the Czech Republic… and elimination for Croatia.

Last chance to learn!

Last chance for a check after an excellent free kick from Schick. He’ll shoot it too, but it’s over!

standby time, 3 minutes

There will be 3 minutes extra time in this meeting because the matter between Jantko and Versaljko has heated up! The Croatian begins to pressurize!

Croatia at the bottom of the wall

The situation is easy for Croatia. Winning against Czech Republic today is absolutely necessary if she wants to qualify for 8th. But this team is so harmless…

Croatian response!

Brilliant ball for Ante Rebic but the attacker took full advantage of the opportunity. His praline on the left is largely out of frame!

From 1 to 0 for the Czech Republic!

While his knex exploded, Patrick Schick will take the penalty! He goes ahead and betrays Livkovic to the exact opposite! 1 to 0 for Czech Republic and third goal in this Euro for the striker!

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Punishment and yellow card for boyfriend!

The ban fell for Lavren and Croatia! Yellow card and penalty for Czech Republic. The referee did not hesitate in front of the images!

Step into VAR!

Lauren’s elbow point in Schick’s head will be checked by the referee! Possible fines to come…

Shik lies on the ground, and he’s bleeding

The Czech Republic striker remains on the field after a tough duel with Lauren! The Croatian defender puts his elbow into the face of the young Czech. Doctors intervene!

little sad match

We were expecting a start from Croatia but that is hard to come by. It’s terrible for Zlatko Dalic’s men who fail to be dangerous. The Czech Republic is also maintaining a low profile.

Croatian Right That Feels Good

Struggling at the start of the match, Croatia put its foot on the ball under the encouragement of Luka Modric! On the other hand, Braccalo and Perisic are invisible…

Rebik and Kramarik, it doesn’t work

At the moment the Kramarik-Rebic association doesn’t necessarily work! Two men make the same call and do not find each other. The center of Vrsaljko which is occupied by Vaclik!

Perisic takes his chance

Croatia takes a corner kick from Modric! It’s down to two again but this time it finds Real midfielder Perisic who continues with a low strike. It’s in the gloves of Waiklik!

Kaufal is omnipresent

What health for West Ham side Vladimir Kaufal! He multiplies the climb on his side and concentrates a lot! Gvardiol is having a hard time…

Dangerous situation for the Czech Republic

New overflow from Janko who works hard on the near post for a ski that misses the recovery! Behind, Predator appears, but sees that his strike is barely blocked!

Croatia struggles to lift balloons

The Croats are currently struggling to project and stay in the opposing camp! They get the ball rolling without finding a solution!

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Jankto’s cover!

New Kaufal Overflow just enjoying it! The side center on the far post for Janko watching his volley passed far above Livakovic’s goals!

lovren now kicks free

Very good free kick for Croatia and Modric advances on 30m. In the end, it’s central defender Lavren who will take it… it’s too high!

Corner for Croatia

Very quirky corner from Croatia that has come in two at the end. Under pressure, Modric quickly crosses over but this is a gift to Vaiklik!

czech republic as dangerous as ever

Sick takes a ball in the axis and moves the ball! He gives a left for Darida who crosses for Kaufal! The side cannot chain correctly.

First corner for the check!

First corner of the game for the check! Jenko finds Susek at the close post who watches his header pass right over Livakovic’s goals!

The first fear for the Croats!

Painful first second for the Croats with Boril’s cross that puts him on the far side. This is rejected by Vida on Kaufal who continues to strike! It’s barely counter!

Get started with this Croatia-Czech Republic

2018 World Cup finalists, Croatia missed out on entering a dispute at Euros with one Defeat against England at Wembley (0-1). Luka Modric’s teammates no longer have the right to err in this Group D and will have to win in Scotland against the surprising Czech Republic Patrick Schick.

Players arrived on the lawn!

Players will arrive on the lawn of Hampden Park and sing the national anthem! Kick-off is approaching.

Hampden Park fails Croats

Croatia has played at Hampden Park in Glasgow three times with a very poor record: two draws and one loss. Their last match ended in a 2–0 World Cup qualifier defeat against Scotland in October 2013. A boon for the Czech Republic?

Group D classification after the first day

1. Czech Republic 3pts

2. England 3pts

3. Croatia 0pt

4. Scotland 0pt

Schick still so chic?

Brilliant and author of a double in the Czech victory against Scotland (2-0), Patrick Schick Has already scored Euro’s best goal with a brilliant strike from midfield. After a respectable season for Leverkusen (13 goals in 36 games), the 25-year-old striker marked the spirits with his selection.

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Vatreni and Duje Caleta-Car have been warned. In order to sign a good result this Friday, it will be necessary to shut down Patrick Schick. The striker and a new masterclass from the Czech Republic would qualify for the Round of 16 and could even dispute this Group D’s first place. english favorite. Above all, a victory for the Czechs would make it even more difficult for the Croats to qualify.

A change in the middle, there’s a feeling

After a resounding victory against Scotland (2-0), Jaroslav Silhavi has a full squad and has decided to opt for just one change. Kral replaced Holes in midfield. For the rest, we find West Ham Tomas Sousek’s middle and one of Patrick Schick’s sensations on the first day of the Euros.

Modric-Kovacic in the middle, Lauren return

Compared to the loss (1-0) against England, Zlatko Dalic made little changes to his training. Exit Brozovic and the two defensive midfielders will be Modric and Kovacic. In the face of this atmosphere we find Braccalo, Kramaric and Perisic who will be single-handedly supporting Ante Rebic at the top. Back from injury, Lauren started in place of Caleta-Carr, who returned to the bench.

And the Croatian line-up!

Livakovic – Vrsaljko, Vida, Lovren, Guardiol – Modric (C), Kovacic – Brakalo, Kramaric, Perisic – Rebi

The Czech composition has fallen!

Vaiklik – Kaufal, Selustka, Kalas, Boril – Holes, Sausek – Mesopust, Darida (C), Janko – Schick

Croatia-Czech Republic, starting at 6pm!

Green for their first match of the Euro, Croatia will have to recover against the Czech Republic at Hampden Park in Glasgow (6 pm). But the Czechs, led by Patrick Schick, will try to confirm their status as a scarecrow in this Group D.


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