PNE fans reacted to Brantford’s change: ‘Our best result in years!’

PNE fans reacted to Brantford's change: 'Our best result in years!'
Alex Niels talks to Patrick Bauer and his other players.

Staying 2-0 down at half-time, Scott Sinclair’s two goals and Brad Pots and Sean M ગguera’s one-on-one saw the Lilivites take all three points.

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Here’s what the fans thought of the match …

Last updated: Sunday, 04 October October, 2020, 15:54

  • Full time: Brentford 2-4 P.N.E.
  • P.N.E. Early XI: Rudd, Rafferty, Bauer, Davis, Hughes, Pearson, Ledson, Pots, Brownie, Sinclair, Maguire
  • P.N.E. Will secure a big win to start their campaign.
  • Brentford will be at the top of the Premier League, beating Fulham in midweek.
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If the referee’s adaptation is a valuable asset to Preston

Left or right? Defender J Referti doesn’t care which side of the pitch he is told to play on – he will be ready to play at the front instead of the usual on the back.

In the Do Ro year at Preston, the former Rochdale ace, he found himself on both wings of the North End defensive line.

An established right-back – a position in which he has played most of his career, while Rafferty has been a PNE player. No problem turning to the side when asked to do so by boss Alex Neil.

“I don’t mind being Mr. Utility Man,” Rafferty said. “The more places you can put yourself in, the more chances you have to play.”

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Emil Reese Jacobsen arrived on Friday after signing the long-awaited striker PR1.

Due to the preparations made by PNE to sign Dan, it is available for display this afternoon.

The 22-year-old already has experience in England, having played for Derby County in the past and will be able to return to the English game this afternoon.

P.N.E. Early XI: Rudd, Rafferty, Bauer, Davis, Hughes, Pearson, Ledson, Pots, Brownie, Sinclair, Maguire

PNE Subs: Replay, Herop, Gallagher, Story, Reis Jacobsen, Stokley, Bodin.

Jacobsen will have to wait for an opportunity from the bench this afternoon, in which Maguire will largely move ahead of the line.

Not all of Daniel Johnson is involved today, Tom Barkhuizen has been ruled out due to injury with suspended Darnell Fisher.

A look at today’s team …

Their first game in the new building of the bees, today the North End tour of Brentford Community Stadium.

PNEA have lost 9 of their last 13 games against the London side so it’s time for a fresh start in a new environment.

Both sides are back in the changing room when we made final preparations before we got ready for the kickoff.

Brentford Continue the game!

Half of Brentford ends with a nice football going behind Hughes’ blocked cross.

Pinocchio is a six-yard box away from Ledson’s cross.


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