PR: The selection of Bowmore Masters blends whiskey heritage and the worlds of automotive design

PR: The selection of Bowmore Masters blends whiskey heritage and the worlds of automotive design

New one bower Announced today: The Selection of Bowmore MastersA 21-year-old whiskey from Islay Distillery, a collaboration with the iconic brand Aston Martin was created and was the first whiskey to implement the principle of the “golden section” – a principle adopted from the carmaker.

Why the Golden Ratio? Whiskey is made from 61.8% of 21-year-old Bowmore. The remaining 38.2% comprises whiskeys from the years 1983, 1984 and 1985, as well as whiskeys matured in casks that were previously blended. white port or pinneau de charantes were filled – in the ratio that corresponds to the golden ratio, namely 0.618 to the power of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

What this means in concrete terms and what flavor you can expect from the new Bowmore Masters selection can be found below in the press release from the traditional distillery in the town of the same name on Islay:

The selection of Bowmore Masters blends whiskey tradition and the world of automotive design

A new limited edition single malt whiskey combines the mastery of Aston Martin’s chief creative officer with the Bowmore Master Whiskey Blender.

The two masters’ unparalleled knowledge of proportionality resulted in a whiskey of excellent depth and balance.

For the first time, Bowmore has adopted the principle of the “golden ratio” to make a new whiskey.

The Bowmore Masters selection will be available from November 2021.


Frankfurt, November 2021 – A selection of Bowmore® Masters brings together the worlds of whiskey making and automotive design, while expressing a shared passion for heritage, craftsmanship and innovation.

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The Bowmore Masters selection is signed by two masters: Bowmore Master whiskey blender Ron Welsh and Aston Martin’s executive vice president and chief creative officer Marek Reichman. A whiskey that combines two different worlds in a way that is as powerful as it is inspiring. The result of a collaboration characterized by mutual trust and respect for each other’s worlds and a passion for discovering new things and learning from each other. Both masters bear their own creativity and their individual character, with the selection of masters being shaped by their individual signatures.

Aston Martin’s chief creative officer Marek Reichmann often spoke of the principle of the “golden ratio”. This mathematical relationship, rooted in nature, is the key to aesthetic balance and is at the heart of every Aston Martin design. The right proportions of the car’s individual proportions make up the perfect aesthetic.

Reichman explains:

“Every design detail of an Aston Martin is defined by its proportions. Our goal is always to be optimal – the golden ratio. It is the power that guides us in creating absolute beauty, and it takes our skill, passion to achieve it. And the experience has to add up. Meeting Ron opens up new perspectives, it’s so inspiring and enriching. This beautifully balanced whiskey is the perfect expression of our harmonious collaboration.”

At Bowmore, every single ingredient is perfectly matched throughout the manufacturing process – from cask selection to blending. Ron Welsh, master blender at Bowmore, explains:

“Inspired by Marek and his team, we first applied the principle of the golden ratio to this whiskey, to best bring out the flavor of each element and characterize the whiskey the way we envisioned it. Selected the optimal cask to brew it. What seems completely contradictory at first is actually balanced and perfectly proportioned. Working with Marek has opened up new perspectives for me in making whiskey. Whiskey celebrates the union of our knowledge and experience, our shared passions, values ​​and ideas.”

Inspired by the golden ratio, the ideal composition was precisely calculated: a 21-year-old Bowmore, first matured in Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks, makes up 61.8%. For the remaining 38.2%, the proportion of older maturities including Bowmore who are over 35 years old were added as calculated.

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At first glance it seems that the creators of this single malt have created a complete contrast with its powerful, complex as well as sweet and warm character. In reality, though, they managed to strike the right proportions and the right balance. A composition that promises an exciting taste experience.

Powerful yet elegant, sweet and spicy at the same time, with notes ranging from sherry to coffee and honey to pepper – the right proportions give unexpected depth and balance to the masters’ selection.

The Bowmore Masters selection will be available in Germany from November.

Tasting Notes:

mahogany tree

Sweet and nutty with notes of manuka honey and maple syrup, with praline and grilled hazelnuts, with rich aromas of fresh tanned leather, cigar tobacco, licorice root, dried thyme and heather blossom.

Refined sherry blends with raw Islay peat, while dark bitters chocolate, black pepper and caramel sauce mingle with vanilla and coffee beans; Morello cherry and a hint of papaya impart a fruity flavor.

be finished:
Warm, sweet and spicy, with notes of oak spice, chestnut cream and coconut.


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