Raul Jimenez visits Wolves training ground for first time with head injury

Raul Jimenez laughs with Nuno Espirito Santo as he visited Wolves' training ground following his discharge from hospital after suffering a fractured skull against Arsenal

Wolves striker Raul Jimenez visited the club’s training ground for the first time since fracturing his skull during last month’s match against Arsenal.

Jimenez underwent surgery on November 29 after a tug-of-war with Arsenal defender David Luiz.

The Wolves confirmed on Tuesday that Jimenez had been released from hospital, and on Thursday the club posted pictures of the Mexican striker at the training ground.

Jimenez was injured in a head-on collision with David Luiz on November 29.

“Along with the club’s doctor cutter, the Mexican striker was greeted by the team with a hug and a smile, who broke a moment while training his friend to return to Kampton Park,” the club said on its website.

“Jimenez watched a part of the session with head coach Nuno Esprito Santo before returning home, where he is relieved after being discharged from the hospital last week.

“A huge banner in support of Jimenez, crowded by supporters from all over the world and covering three blocks of the Steve Bull Upper Stand, will start this Saturday’s match against Aston Villa, which Raul is to watch from home.”

As soon as Raul Jimenez visited the Wolves, he met the Adama Trader & # 39;  Training ground
Jimenez hugged the Adama trailer
Raul Jimenez and Connor Cody met when they returned to visit the Mexican Wolves & # 39;  Training ground
Jimenez greets Captain Connor Cody of the Wolves

It’s unclear when Jimenez, who has been the Wolves ’top scorer in the last two seasons, will be able to return to training.

The 29-year-old released a statement via his Twitter account last week expressing a desire to “get back on the pitch soon.”

Wolves head coach Nuno said he was “scared” of the striker with a head injury.

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Nuno said: “He was very serious and everyone was scared, everyone was worried. As the days go by and, knowing that he is well taken care of, we are able to get back to normal.”

Even with former players, managers and coaches there was growing support for the introduction of blending substitutes after the clash of Jimenez and Luiz and called for a review on the protocols.

Raul Jimenez has been greeted by Joao Mintinho
Jimenez is greeted by Joao Moutinho
Raલl Jimenez watches wolf training with Nuno Espirito Santo
Jimenez watches the wolf training with Nuno

Tales greets Jimenez

Manchester United defender Alex Tales has sent a message of support to Jimenez.

United suffered a similar head injury to the left while playing for the Grammys in Brazil and he understands what the Mexican is going through.

He said Inside United: “What can I say to Raul that unfortunately this kind of scenario exists in football.

Manchester United's Alex Tales is hot in Newcastle
Manchester United full-back Alex Tales has a message of support for Jimenez.

“It’s not normal but it happens.

“I have also gone through it and I wish him a lot of strength. He will definitely recover and thank God, he was not so serious and he will be able to play as soon as possible. We are doing what he likes best. .

“Our players should have this unity and I wish him well and he will get better soon.”


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