Red Panthers lose with honors against Netherlands in semi-final (3-1)

Red Panthers lose with honors against Netherlands in semi-final (3-1)

Against the double title holders and Dutch favorites in the Euro semi-finals, the Red Panthers bowed their heads after a generally very good meeting (3–1).

At the start of the match, it was also the Belgians who found themselves setting the pace against Batavian, who was unusually withdrawn. But experience and the whims of favorite people eventually (too) soon made the difference. On his first prank, Dutch essentially automatically opened the brand Frederick Matala (1-0, 7th goal of the competition).

After this, the Panthers tried several times to put their nose through the window in the first half, but without success. And as in the first quarter, the Dutch, they showed a formidable efficiency to clear the loss of Helen Brasser’s guilty ball. Kaia Van Masakeker (2-0). The rest of the second quarter will ultimately be a simple formality for the Dutch, the de facto routine at this stage of the competition and therefore calm enough to prevent the Belgian’s rumblings. 2-0 at halftime.

Always so willing, the Red Panthers returned to the lawn with the same intentions as the first half: to stand up to the Dutch and possibly to establish themselves as the real itch. Confirmed feeling from the beginning of the third trimester with this stroke stephanie van den sack To allow the Belgians to reduce points (2-1!)

Unfortunately, while we thought the Panthers might manage to surf on this mattress of confidence, the Dutch put the points on I at the dawn of the final 10 minutes thanks to the second goal of the game. Van Masaker.

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3-1, the final score, Belgium bows to the title holders but can be proud of their performance. They will face the losers between Germany and Spain for the bronze medal.


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