Riders vs. Chargers Score: Justin Herbert L.A. Led to an overtime win against the Raiders and Marcus Mariota

 Riders vs. Chargers Score: Justin Herbert L.A.  Led to an overtime win against the Raiders and Marcus Mariota

Justin Herbert can now add a divisional victory to his list of achievements during his rookie season. Oh, and also a game-winning touchdown in overtime. The Chargers rookie quarterback took the goal-line keeper on the pile to give LA a 30-27 win in overtime to start Week 15 against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The game was not shy in producing drama in the early stages as the Raiders had to quickly turn to backup quarterback Marcus Mariota following a ship injury that knocked starter Derek Carr out of the game in the first quarter. Despite coming under pressure, Mariota offended Vegas and almost pulled off a victory. To give the Raiders the lead in the early part of the second quarter, he immediately stepped in and scored points, hitting Darren Veller for a 35-yard touchdown pass. That lead, however, did not last long, as Herbert continued his strong rookie season and with John Gruden’s offense he was able to go toe-to-toe all evening.

Los Angeles were also in a position to win the game on several occasions, but Michael Bedgale’s two missed field goals in the fourth quarter helped propel the game to overtime. There, Anthony Lynn’s defense managed to build a strong stand on the goal line, paving the way for Herbert to eventually win the game and create a touchdown.

Herbert completed 314 yards, two touchdowns and a 68.7 finishing percentage. With Keenan Allen and Mike Williams limited in this contest, Jillian Gatton and Hunter Henry proved to be her go-to options, including and 1 and. Received 65 yards respectfully. Speaking of riders, Valer caught nine of his 12 targets for 150 yards and touchdowns.

Below, you’ll find our main beds from Thursday’s AFC West head-to-head, and even further you can live the action as it unfolds in our live blog.

Why Los Angeles won

This happens when you have a top-10 quarterback under your center; It can erase any clubbug error. Los Angeles did its best to give the game to the Riders even after Derek went down due to a car injury. Herbert’s brilliance, however, shone on Thursday night. Ruchi warmed the game’s start with a hot 97 yards, a touchdown and an excellent passer rating that completed all eight of his passes in the opening quarter. That stellar game only continued as the game progressed and proved to be a necessity rather than a luxury for Anthony Lynn’s club.

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After Los Angeles and Las Vegas started matching touchdowns in the third and fourth quarters, kicker Michael Badgal missed two field-goal attempts on back-to-back drives for the Chargers that would likely end the regulation game. Normally, that motivation pays off for the team, but Herbert will be able to march into the LTA 75-yard field almost single-handedly to score a game-winner.

While Herbert is the top reason the Chargers came up with a win in Week 15, there should be little credit to the defense, who delivered the plays on time. He couldn’t generate points, but with less than two minutes in regulation, Chris Harris ’obstruction in the Marriott, snatched away the opportunity to score away from the riders sitting on the Chargers’ 21-yard line. The big moment, however, came in overtime where they were able to keep Las Vegas on target on the field, despite Mariota bringing the offense to Los Angeles three-yard line. Holding them on three points gave Herbert a chance to win it on the next possession.

Why Las Vegas lost

When your initial quarterback goes down in the first half, it is often the reason why you don’t pay attention to why you lost the contest. Not here. Marcus Mariota Derek surprisingly filled in for the car after he was sidelined due to a head injury. He kept Las Vegas competing as he advanced to overtime and performed a number of game-winning plays throughout the competition. As has been the case for riders throughout the season – and the former D.C. The only reason Paul Gunther was a spectator to the game was because the defense once again failed John Gruden.

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They allowed Justin Herbert to go out of the shoot with the secondary and that continued throughout the game and until overtime when he led a 75-yard game-winning drive. Indeed, that final sequence for the Raiders secondary was the microcosm of the whole game. On the second and -10, Corner Tryvon Mullen, who was responsible during the evening and was fined several times, was called in for a DPI, who pushed the ball 20 yards for the Chargers. While Mullen did not force officers to throw laundry all over the area, the rest made open pockets for the exploitation of secondary herbivores. On that game-winning drive, Herbert found a huge opener for a 53-yard pass to Jillian Gaton who knocked on the door of her final game-winning touchdown.

While some of the offense decisions (a target for Darren Weller on Overtime Drive) were a bit questionable by riders, that unit was not the reason they are now at 50,000.


The game started late in the Raiders’ direction after Chargers kicker Michael Badgal missed a 47-yard field goal in the fourth quarter: 3: left with left. The Las Vegas offense started a 19-drive that resulted in a touchdown and the unit was now in a position to take the field and win. The LA was knocked down by Chris Harris as far as the 21-yard line, he was able to lift the Marriott just like throwing a little forward behind Zee Jones. He took at least three points on the board for the Raiders, which gave the Chargers a bit of life moving the game into OT.

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In overtime, the main swing came courtesy of a goal-line stand that allowed only one field goal and Herbert’s 53-yard touchdown to Jillian Gayton, who put the Chargers on the Raiders’ 2-yard line, who immediately flipped the field and L.A. Opportunity to punch him for the win.

Play the game

Marcus Mariota was very impressive in the first part. After the car went down with that hamstring injury, he rolled to the left on his first pass attempt and completed an eye-ping ping sideline throw on Foster Moreau for 22 yards. While he was definitely one to write about the play house, he quickly outscored Darren Veller with his y 35-yard touchdown dime. Facing some pressure in the pocket, Mariota hit her star tight end-style. Couldn’t put it better and immediately put the chargers on the instruction to have a ballpet on their hands.

Mariota remained warm in the first half, completing 80 yards and all five of his throws on that score. He finished his night with 226 yards of air, touchdowns and picks. He also ran for a game-high 88 yards and added another score with his feet.

What’s next

From here, the riders will stick to Las Vegas and wait for the Miami Dolphins, which will host the Patriots on Sunday. After that, they will end the regular season with a trip to Denver to face the Broncos. As for the Chargers, they will host Denver in Week 16 and then head to Kansas City for a regular-season finale against the Chiefs.


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