Robert Lewandowski’s plain text on Russia’s boycott of Poland

Robert Lewandowski's plain text on Russia's boycott of Poland

Polish football association PZPN does not want to play in the World Cup playoffs against Russia in view of the advance of Russian troops in Ukraine. Poland captain Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern responded with a candid statement.

The situation in Poland was announced by the association’s president, Cesari Kuleza, via “Twitter” on Saturday.

The Poles are going a step further than previously announced: on Thursday they initially refused to play on Russian soil.

Games are scheduled for March 24 in Moscow on the way to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. “Enough word, now is the time to act. Due to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Poland does not plan to play against the Russian team. This is the only right decision,” Kuleza wrote.

Also Plain Text by Robert Lewandowski

Poland’s superstar and team captain Robert Lewandowski also made a statement. The FC Bayern striker wrote, “This is the right decision. I can’t imagine playing against a Russian team if the armed offensive in Ukraine continues. Russian footballers and fans are not to blame, but we are nothing to be done.” Can’t play.” Twitter.

The PZPN is now working with allies from Sweden and the Czech Republic, as these unions are also affected: the winner of the duel between Russia and Poland must meet either the Czech Republic or Sweden, who face each other in the first round. . ,

Sweden and Czech Republic don’t even want to play against Russia

The Russians will also have home rights in another game. Like Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic have already made it clear that they do not want to play in Russia.

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World federation FIFA, however, has not yet taken a position. They condemn the “use of force by Russia”, but with a view to qualifying for the World Cup, FIFA wants to “continue to monitor the situation”.


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