Rugby – Top 14 – Lyon wins in Bayon, offensive bonus for Paris against Agen in Top 14

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Beyoncé’s voyage, LoU won (20-28) while Stade Frank, Castres and Bordeaux-Begels won by Aegean (40-21), La Rochelle (22-15) and Pau (29-23) during the 18th day respectively. Won at home against. Of the championship. Beyoncé-Lyon: 20–28 Leonis signed in the Basque Country, a very important success to continue to believe in qualification for the final leg of the Top 14.20-28) Belongs to. But it was not easy to win on the lawn of Jean-Duger. After the first time, in response to Lyon winger Xavier Mignot (33rd), Beyoncé fared back with a try from Iameric Luke (40th). The result, Beyonce took the lead at the break (10-8). Also read 18th Day Calendar / Results But Lyon was then more efficient and calm, thanks to a try from Thybod Reger and a perfect drop from Jonathan Wisniewski, to go back. At the end of the game, Rowing trembled Rhone with a punch-filled punch from Arthur Dahau (72nd). But the Pierre-Louis Bairasi International Center immediately gave oxygen to its allies, finishing a good advance from Mignot (75th). With this win, LoU finished 7th in the Top 14, one point behind the last jump-off. Stade Frank – Agen: 40-21 to 16 in the 16th minute after their international second-line Paul Gebrilagues’ dangerous tackle on the young substitute winger of Aigen Louis Gauban, the Parisian nevertheless managed to win Jean’s own synthetic turf. are. Boin An Aggressive Bonus (40-21), Six tries against Lot-de-Garaonis, who never stopped the game, exactly as evidenced by Louis Gaban’s double (15th, 24th). On many occasions, Parisians could raise the score but their clumsiness prevented them from doing so. Castres-La Rochelle: 22-15 Castres did not have too many difficulties – at least for an hour – to win at home against Rochellese, very inefficient and pragmatic before finding a way to success in quick succession. ‘But-Taran. . In the wake of his Argentinian international opener Benjamin Urdapilleta, the master of playing at the foot of the seventeen-figure writer, and his disastrous winger Filippo Nkosi, Castres still leans into the trials, one against two, even as he sliced ​​it Should have won the match. (22-15). A meeting during which Caster’s International Scrum Half, Rory Cocott, was particularly characterized by his anti-sports attitude. Bordeaux-Beggles – POW: 29-23 Less flamboyant than his last outing at the Chamba-Delmas Stadium, Bourdieus struggled to get rid of (29-23) An eye catching Palois section. In the first period, he also had to score during the long stages of the capture of the rewarded baronies by a try from Thibault Dabagna (20th). Also read Top 14 rankings However, Christophe Urios’s players were able to start the meeting well with a try from Ben Lam (6th). Behind 19 points (7/7) and in the good shape of the writer Matthew Jalibert, UBB finished better, especially in the international Cameron Vokey (74th) try and scoring four points in the rankings, even That if it was far from showing its best face.

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