Rugby Union – Top 14: Challenges of Catch-up Day

Rugby Union - Top 14: Challenges of Catch-up Day

Top 14 – Four postponed matches will be played this weekend in recent weeks. To this day of mimicry, some teams will be handicapped by international level absence. Here are the bets on this day of catch.

Clermont – Lyon (D9, Friday at 8:45)

On Friday, Clash will oppose two teams that have a lot to be forgiven after their final performance. On the one hand, Clementonis Be on a very poor home operation. Actually, last Saturday, teammates Camille Lopez GreetedUbb, House. We remember, during this breathtaking crossover, eight minutes after the siren (36 to 37), clementoisis burst. He therefore acknowledged important points against a direct competitor. Clermont, who finished sixth in the top 14, received another contestant in the final, trailing by two small points.

On the other hand, A Lu Definitely achieved the worst result of his season last Saturday. In fact, the men Pierre Mignoni At home, everyone’s surprise was encountered Pau, Which is in great difficulty this season (17-18). The dynamic is also quite poor with only two wins in the last six meetings. It only remains for Leonis to reverse the trend, with him, who is all the same, having been tripled from his base this season. The LOU will have to do without three international people who are in the health bubble XV of France (Gerasi, Cretin, Barassi). Likewise, Claremont would have to do without two players (Bayez, Penaud).

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Montpellier – Stade Frank (D8, Saturday at 9 pm)

Montpellier’s season is beginning to be long, very long. In fact, the Herreault people have not won since the beginning of December, meaning to say seven defeats in a row. Even more desperate for them, the last three defeats have been conceded at home, with scores very close. This is what makes MontpellierChampion defensive bonus points. Despite everything, it is far from adequate, as MOR as Infogger is currently ranked in the rankings. Beyonce, Twelfth, have the same number of points as Montpelier, but are two games behind. CastresThe one who is eleventh is seven points behind Montpellier. Today, the situation is so serious that a win on Saturday night is necessary.

If Montpellier stalls at home, it is not for Parisians. Actually, the latter imposed himself against it Castres, On the last Sunday, Jean Bouin (29 to 9). Thus, the Stadists, who remained on the out side two big defeats, were revived. Nevertheless, the question of his record abroad arises. Indeed, Parisians have not lived away from home since early October. Paris Currently ranked eighth in the points table Claremont, Sixth. As all of their direct rivals won at Montpellier, any result other than victory would be very problematic for the Parisians. The latter will have an advantage for their journey as they have only one absentee who is with them. XV of France (Ficou). MHR would have to do without four of its internationals (Hawa, Willem, Vincent, Bothier).

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Racing 92 – La Rochelle (D14, Sunday at 2.15 pm)

We expected this poster three weeks ago. That time, Racing 92 The third was, but clearly had a scarecrow aura. Today, racing is still third but this aura has faded. Actually, despite the victory Montpellier Last Friday (22 to 24), racing followed two consecutive defeats at home. Toulon (23 to 29), then Bordeaux (32 to 33), the contestants for the top six, won at Nantre. Finished second in the championship, we look forward to seeing what Altocequans will give us. The club will be left out of the four players who will be in the selection (Colombe, Russell, Le Roux and Thomas).

The Rochella, For their part, would do without three of their internationals (Borgarit, Alldritt and Dulin). Maritimes are better dynamic than Parisians. Indeed, they remain on three consecutive wins. Was acquired against the last Beyonce (40 to 3), two weeks ago. Unfortunately, last week, Rochelais could not measure himself against the leader as cases of Kovid-19 were found within the workforce Toulouse Stadium. With 50% wins, the Rochelleys show a perfect record. If the Charentais want to keep the Dolphins in their place, they cannot lose more than three points this Sunday.

Castres – BeyoncĂ© (D12, Sunday at 6 pm)

After two defeats, Castres Have to revive face Beyonce. The people of Taran, first of all, had to suffer Claremont (Necklace 59 to 19). Secondly, they bowed down French stadium Se Jeanne Buin (29 to 9). With these bad results, Castres Once again in the top 14. struggling to survive. In fact, Castres is now eleventh, seven points ahead Montpellier And Beyonce. At home, Castres has a poor record with four defeats in six matches. Also, they have to do withoutAnthony GelonchChosen with XV of France.

During the last two months, Beyonce Live through hell. After a month of isolation, Basis suffered two defeats, suffering an outbreak of contamination involving a version of Kovid-19. Pau (22 to 23) and on La rochel (40 to 3). They could finally revive last weekend, but the meeting was facing Agent Had to postpone. Today, Beyoncé is the team with the most backwards games. Thus, the Basis find themselves in the twelfth position, with the points tied together Montpellier, Thirteenth. This season, the players of Yanik Brew Have already won twice. What to be optimistic about Sunday?

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