Scotland: Adventure with water

Scotland: Adventure with water

The water at the distillery comes from Loch Cateran, which is just over an hour north of the city, in the center of Lom London and The Trosach National Park. Often regarded as the gateway to the highlands, this Scotland is one of our imagination, forests, mountains and a handful of villages can be seen as far as the eye can see among the magical realms. No wonder, then, that popular locales such as Lomond or Caterin are invaded each summer by crowds of visitors, making it more conducive for exploring the secluded corners of this incredible park, or other landmarks in the County of Argyll and Bute.

More than a dozen paths are available to you, including the start of the famous West Highland Way in Milingwi in the north of the city, but when it comes to views, Ben Aian tops one of the most satisfying in the country. From this hill it is possible to see half a dozen worlds, including Katrin. If hiking is not one of your favorite activities, you can also go sailing on the Lot or simply enjoy ice cream at one of its natural beaches.

For newbies, the busy Lom Lond is a must see, but if you are looking for a one-sided world atmosphere, it is best to continue your journey on the A83 towards the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way you will pass the historic city of Invroi, with its castles and infamous prisons, on the banks of Lom Fén, one of Scotland’s purest sea lanes, whose waters are filled with seafood, such as oysters, in Britain The best and probably the world. Accessible by car from Glasgow in just one hour, Loch Fyne reminds us that despite the drastic changes in landscape and waterways, the Terai has nothing far to go.

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