Scottish Cup: Hibernian FC announces spectator selection mode for finals

20210514 140101 Coupe d'Écosse : Hibernian FC annonce le mode de sélection des spectateurs pour la finale

Following the announcement by the Professional Football League of Scotland about the number of spectators allowed to watch the Scottish Cup final (600 per club), Hibernian FC officials strategized to help some supporters to follow the match at the stadium Is defined.

St Johnstone and Hibernian FC will square off against each other in the Scottish Cup final to be held on 22 May. Each club will be entitled to 300 supporters to participate in the event to be held at the stadium. Hibernian FC’s interim managing director Greg McEwan explained to fans how the venues for the finals would be honored.
“We would like all our supporters and especially the season ticket holders to be with us on 22 May. Unfortunately, the agreed allowance is small. We felt that it was appropriate to give 60 tickets to see players and players playing in the entire season playing in the finals. Any remaining tickets will be distributed by Ballot to all season ticket holders, ”Greg McEwan announced on the official Club Hibbs website. “Eligible people will receive more information via email and we will post the details on our website. The ballot will open on Monday, May 17. We know that many fans will be disappointed, but hope that our supporters understand the situation.

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